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Is there a way to use Rulesmd.ini for local skirmish game?


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I am very like the Yuri's revenge game of CNCNet, especially the map whis name is Survival , so I would like to know is there a way to use Rulesmd.ini in my computer, so I can mod the game by my favorite way when I play the skirmish mode (not cheating, just me and AI), I have tried to put a rulesmd.ini to the dictionary which game installed, but it dosn't work if I use CnCNetYRLauncher.exe to start game, but if I use yuri.exe (old way) to strat game, the rulesmd.ini it works. any suggestion? Thanks a lot.

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Ohh, I just have found a map file in C:\RA2MD\Maps\Custom folder, the filesname is 0e3cxxxx.map, with a PNG file. I am sure this file is map file. So can I use this map file directly for skirmish mode?

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Have you figured this out yet? my Yuri.exe doens't work, I'm trying to make it work in skirmish as well just to have fun around (I enjoy watching kikematemitos and byran vahey but heck no, not playing vs real players)

Would also like to know if it'd be possible to do it in LAN games with friends, so I can send them modified files to just have fun with (buildable techs at higher cost, a little like generals and their lategame income buildings)

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@ahhui / @Dyna

There is a file called spawner.xdp. This is the RulesMD.ini of CnCNet.

You can make a backup of this file (you could rename it to spawner_bkp.xdp and then rename your modified RulesMD.ini to spawner.xdp and put it in the same folder.

If your friends use the exact same method and modified RulesMD, then it should work online with AI as well.

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