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Vote Wesker!


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GameSpot is doing a poll for who the greatest video game villain of all time is. The vote is down to Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil series and Ganondorf from Zelda. Obviously Wesker, being the badass he is, could pwn Ganondorf any day, there's simply no contest. So please, show your support for a real video game villain, Wesker, and leave Ganondorf in the dust! For those of you who don't know who either Wesker or Ganondorf are, I have put videos of both of them below. Vote Wesker today: http://www.gamespot.com/greatest-video-game-villain/vote/battle-hub/index.html?battle_id=49


Wesker = bad ass mofo villian for real gamers

Ganondorf = pmsing bitch for little kid casual gamers



Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker - Requiem for a Dream




Zelda - A link to the past - Ganon fight

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