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TS on Win 10 tablet


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Hi All,

Just registered to get help with the above.

I have installed TS on my win 10 laptop last year and it works no problam at all. Bought a win 10 Pro tablet recently and after a quick search I found this (link below) on youtube proving that it is possible to run game on tablet. According to uploader it was a straight install with no issue.


Succefully instaled game on my tablet but it runs rotated on the screen (picture attached). Strangly the cursor moves same as the screen was landscape like you would have normally.

The other issue I have is when I run game  all movie intros play ok (screen still rotated 90 degree) but when it comes to start playing (mission loaded) screen freezes after a few sec but audio still runs and can hear when moving cursor or pressing left mouse on the freezed screen (dont see cursor)

Hope you understand what I try to explane and can advise if issues can be sorted.

Tablet specs:

Operating system

Windows 10 (64-bit)



- Intel® Atom™X5-Z8550 Processor
- Quad-core
- 1.44 GHz
- 2 MB cache







10-point multitouch screen

Screen size


Screen type



1920 x 1200



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It seems like you're experiencing some issues with running a game on your Windows 10 Pro tablet. Let's address your concerns step by step:

  1. Screen Rotation Issue: It appears that the game is running with the wrong orientation on your tablet's screen. This can be due to compatibility issues between the game and your tablet's hardware. You might want to try the following steps to address this:

    • Tablet Rotation Settings: Check your tablet's rotation settings. Go to "Settings" > "System" > "Display" and make sure that the "Orientation" option is set to "landscape."

    • Game Settings: Some games have their own display settings that allow you to set the orientation. Look through the in-game settings or options to see if you can manually adjust the screen orientation.

  2. Freezing and Audio Issue: The freezing issue during gameplay could be caused by various factors such as compatibility issues, insufficient hardware resources, or even graphics driver problems. Here are a few things you can try:

    • Update Graphics Drivers: Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers installed for your tablet. You can usually find these on the manufacturer's website or through Windows Update.

    • Compatibility Mode: Right-click on the game's executable file, go to "Properties," and navigate to the "Compatibility" tab. Try enabling "Compatibility Mode" and select an earlier version of Windows to see if that helps.

    • Run as Administrator: In the same "Properties" window, under the "Compatibility" tab, try enabling the "Run this program as an administrator" option. This might help with any permission-related issues.

    • Adjust Graphics Settings: Within the game itself, try lowering the graphics settings to their lowest levels and see if the game runs without freezing. If it does, you can gradually increase the settings until you find a balance between performance and visuals.

    • Check System Requirements: Ensure that your tablet meets the minimum system requirements for the game. Even though the game might run on your laptop, the hardware in your tablet might have limitations.

    • Close Background Apps: Make sure you're not running other resource-intensive applications in the background while playing the game. This could free up resources for the game to run smoothly.

    • freegovernmenttablet

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