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Red Alert - Vales of Fury v1.0/v1.1/v1.2 Mappack (2-8)


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If u like to play this map via the Internet lobby of Red Alert be sure to apply the patchfix. Get the patchfix here:


>> patch the "ra95.dat"




Up to 8 players



Unlimited Ore... have fun :P


Map made by N3tRunn3r









>> Update:

Please re-download this map (v1.0)


>> Update:

Some bugs fixed in v1.1

Growth of Ore at maximum speed

BailCount of the Harvs reduced


Notice: v1.1 is a Kali.net edition, hf :mrgreen:


EDIT: v1.2 added! fixed some bugs ...

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That is a beautifuly balanced online map. Excellent job, It's perfect, and I mean perfect for online play.

Have you considdered releasing an online map-pack? That'd be more worth the spotlight position if you ask me. :P

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Yes, they don't have to be perfect, but just good... You know the spotlight limits. :P Anyway, yeah it's what I mean't, You're more than capable of it, one or two more maps released all together, and It'll possibly make a sticky.

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