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Take CnCNET to a new level !!


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As we know there are many ways to earn money in the new g games 

like Dota2 , LoL , CS GO , R6 ...

But we also know RedAlert players took this game to new possibilities like mods , maps , cncnet ! 

this game can be an incredible one with some management  by CnCNET and the maps has a very important role in that :D 

CnCNET can make many strong things to this game by working with some great mappers to make some maps like Dust2 , Mirage in CS Go or Dota2's map has a managed tactic and improves the players's skills in tournaments 

maybe CnCNET has to support clans and previous stuff and make something more real like Comp modes 

maybe these players after clans ,tournaments and strong maps supporting will need some ways to earn money

at least by tournaments =D Cs Go is a great example 

we need to make it real this time

#please publish on facebook , youtube , modders , mappers   

CnCNET you are the greatest for this great game now please do the best for it 

#great_Clans #global_Tournaments #strong_new_maps


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CNCnet5 is just some games' platform ,lack of funds to upgrade the system.
The amount of Red Alert2 game players (including the entire C&C series game) has been dropping over the years.(It's hard to attract young players into it)
Red Alert 2 had some defects when it was released in 2000.(Lack of perfect replay system.etc) EA company has stopped releasing subsequent patches for it.(RA2-1.006\YR-1.001)
Unfortunately, the glory of RTS has long ended. I just want the rest of the players to have fun.
Not for anyone or a group, just for personal views.(My ability to express in English is weak, and some sentences may have problems)
Good game for ever!

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I mean cncnet can do many things for this game and take it for a very high level 

can let players do things too 

the most important stuff are (great maps for matches , real teams , money tournaments)

and some great modes like in CSGO (Comp , Deathmatch ....) 

all these can be done 

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