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CnCnet Ranks


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First of all i would say hello everybody :) :V

Then i would talk about CnCnet ranking system 

Most of games especially in RA2/YR are being a waste of time and making players angry 

because of the difference between players's skills , and some players are really free of any game skills keep kicking you saying you are a Noob

i'm asking CnCnet to take this game for a high level

By Ranking System can make it great  like in CS GO ranking 

it can rank up by number of games u won in official maps + every time cncnet makes a vote in the program for the most played new maps to be added to official maps :)

and you can put in hosting settings ranks you want till your rank like : i'm silver 4 i can put "Any (till S4 = S1-4) , S4 , S3-4 "

it's the biggest thing can be happened ever and you can just think about players after this update !


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