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Red Alert 2 yuri's revenge mod


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Hey guys i am trying to find a mod on yuri's revenge but i can't find it , it was too long ago that i have played on that mod and i don't rember how it was called so maybe if i tell you how was that mod , maybe you guys have heard of it and help me out. So the mod was like when you build most of the building you get a flag and when you build that flag a new building apears and that depends on what country you play if you play americans you get white house if you play soviets you get that kremlin building and when you build those 2 new building you get all kinds of uprades for example when you build the new building for yuri you get those yuri face statues that fires with lasers and if for allies you have new build it was a power generator like the one from soviets and ofc you have more stuffs but i can't rember  this is all i can rember if someone knows something about this mod please help me out :D. 

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