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Finest Single Player Missions !


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Here's a List of the best missions i enjoyed since RA2 was Released.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/rmwjaa0udv45c7w/RA2YR-Mission Maps.rar

You will find 31 Red Alert 2 and 61 Yuri's Revenge single player missions. I have edited/corrected the map folder names and credited each of the Map maker that i found the Read Me file. Example : First Move (Raul Riera) , Yuri's Final Return (Messiah) . Those i could not find any information i`m sorry :(Unknow Soviet Map or Allied. Depends on its kind of mission.

I know there are threads with some of those missions you will find into the link but most of them have just 3 or 5 missions, and there are allot of lazy people to keep search for new missions.

Just in case you have some mission`s and they are missing from that pack please feel free to upload them. Just missions... survivals are for maniaks ... :)

Just for the records, my top Map Maker its #1 Concolor1, #2 RVMECH, #3 FlyingZ, Messiah, Des08tor, Timbit, luk3us, Tucker Kao, + many more :)


Ya`ll have fun comrades .

Merry Christmas :D

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Most of these missions overwrite the ra2md.csf file which changes all the fonts in the game, globally.
Is there a way to find and backup the existing one?
I searched but can't find it... :(

Is there a way to use XCC Mixer or something to find it?


I used XCC Mixer and found it in langmd.mix
Extracted it and now all good :P

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I used to play RA2/YR long time ago and after some years I have started playing it again... I have downloaded all single player (mission) maps from the various places, but now I have feelings that some old mission maps I used to play long time ago are still missing in the list...

I am only interested in single player maps. I suspect those are maps done by RVMECH, there was a site (probably gone now) I used to download them...

Where do I get all (old) RVMECH maps for RA2/YR?



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