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Capture The Mountain 3V3 (similar to moba map) [V.0.2]


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(i'm not good english :D )

Capture the mountain Ver.0.2 (ver0.1 more bug...)

-It is a multiplayer map. There are 6 players (split into two 
-The map is similar to the Moba game.
-The map have builds and dense defense systems for team 
leaders, Map is split.
-There are rescue units from outside the map. The attack 
period is automatic (similar to Creepe or Minion)
-A large central base. It is a power plant that provides 
enough energy to withstand dense protection. Take care of it 
-In each forest, there is an Ore Purifier for everyone, which 
can not be redeemed on this map. it Break down you not build 
again, Keep up the good work. Do not make your money less!
-Each team leader has an advantageous building in which to 
collect mines from the game, and Hospital.
-Neutral constructions on this map will include the Tech 
Machine Shop, Tech Airplane, and Tech Oil Derrick
-Superweapon is not recommended in this map.
-Almost every unit comes into the bunker and shoots out its 
own weapon! (Almost all I do not have a game freeze.)
-Of course, all trucks and hogs. The unit inside shot out!


[Buff on Verions 0.2]

-Tanya and Boris are back! Units know the class, the little 
ones want them! Except for the sucker.
- Add more troops (Creep or Minion) and add 2 Kirov Airplanes 
as 3rd Army!
- Fix the bugs, the reinforcements gathered in the base until 
the crowded. Get out to join the troops before the invasion 
outside the base.
- Turning all types of turrets to counter-enemy directions 
from the start of the game.
- Added Tech Airplane in the middle of the map near the 
collapsed, with a large tank of gas, almost all lane midway.
- Change the Tech Airpane right below the Tech Shop Shop like 
left straight on Balance
- Decorate the map surface not to look too sloppy.


[DeBuff on Verions 0.2]

-Tesla Trooper 4-player side has been provided since the 
start of the game. Forget about the old version.


Download Ver 0.2


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