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Twisted Insurrection: Mapping Competition Announced!


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Hello everyone. I have announced the first official Twisted Insurrection: Mapping Competition. The rules are simple and easy to follow, but it's suggested that you read through the Twisted Insurrection: Mappers Guide before you attempt to start on a map. Here is a summary of the map competition rules:


1 - Only One map per entrant.

2 - Map remakes from any C&C game are allowed, but they must be remade from scratch, not just modified versions of the originals.

3 - If you post any previews of your maps anywhere before the competition deadline, you will be disqualified and your map will be marked as void and will not be judged in the competition.

4 - You may modify your submission after you have submitted it, but be sure to get the new submission to me (Aro) on time.

5 - Entries must be submitted to Aro (Me) via Private Message by the 22nd of March 2011 (00:00 GMT)

6 - You are not allowed to use the Interior Terrain.

7 - Symmetrical maps are allowed, but will hurt your layout score.

8 - Twisted Insurrection staff members are not allowed to enter the competition.


The best maps and winning maps will be included in Twisted Insurrection as an official map selection. The top 3 winners will also receive a Twisted Insurrection banner/signature by default. You may also be able to hold of an early copy of Twisted Insurrection: Public Beta 3 as a main prize.


For more information, go to this thread.

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