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DUKE NUKEM 3D ATOMIC - How to install


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Preparing Duke Nukem 3D Atomic for Internet Play with Dukonnector



At 1st be sure that Direct NetFramework 2.0 is installed. Dukonnector doesnt run without it! After installing Direct NetFramework 2.0 start Dukonnector.

Create a new account. Login.


Step 1:

- Goto the Settings Menu of Dukonnector

- select Player Setup

- setup your nick name


Step 2:

- Goto the Directories tab

- under Build Games, double-click at the Duke Nukem 3D option

- locate all your installed ports (example: "C:\Games\Duke Nukem 3D Atomic\ports\xduke\duke3d_w32.exe")

- locate your usermaps (example: "C:\Games\Duke Nukem 3D Atomic\usermaps")

- apply "I have a copy of duke3d.grp in each folder I use"

- click OK


Step 3:

- Goto the Connection tab

- apply "Through a Network/Hub/Router"

- setup your Game Port: 4601

- setup your Server Port: 4600

- apply "Always Check And Renew all Settings"

- click OK


>> Goto the Action Menu

>> Exit and Save Settings

>> Restart Dukonnector and check if all your new Settings are set


Step 4:

- If you are behind a router you have to forward 2 ports on your router!

- open TCP & UDP 4600

- open TCP & UDP 4601

- restart Dukonnector


>> If you dont know how to forward ports visit:

>> http://portforward.com/

>> goto the routers section (http://portforward.com/english/routers/ ... rindex.htm)

>> search for your router

>> search for your game (Duke Nukem 3D is not listed there!)

>> select any game

>> follow the steps, but be careful:

>> only open TCP & UDP 4600 and TCP & UDP 4601



Thats all folks!

Enjoy playing Duke Nukem 3D Atomic! And thats an order!


Best Regards




LAST UPDATE: 2008-08-18

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