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Missing ordinal 19 in WSOCK.DLL

Dušan Xmetov

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OK, I just installed W2K on my comp, becaus XP was buggy, Vista even more, 7 wwas too slow, Linux didn't play Super Robotnik Land 1.1, so i installed W2K with all updates and i am Really happy with it!!! However! I installed TFD, applyed all patches and fixes, everything works perfect, except Red Alert CNCNet. When i press the 'Network' or 'Internet' tab, it shows something about a missing ordinal in WSOCK.DLL. Can someone help me with my problem?

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Sorry, but the Support of Windows 2000 was finished in Jully 2010.


But, i've already used Windows 2K and i had no problems with it. Even for running CnCNet. If you are with troubles with Windows WSOCK32, i can upload the Windows XP WSOCK for you, just put that on C&C95 folder. Just remember, if you want to do that for Red Alert and TS, you will need HEX-Edit the game for make it run the CnCNet Wsock32.dll from another name, like wsockne.dll


I've attached the Windows WSOCK32.dll




You also can use nLite to tweak your Windows 2000 and XP, like, I have 3 Windows CD-ROM, 1 Original untouched, 1 Tweaked for news PCs and one Tweaked for Old pcs, like the copy i used into my Cirix 250mhz machine and my k6-2 Notebook of my father. http://www.nliteos.com/


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Lol, i mean the CNCNET wsock.dll, And i know nLite good, that's how i got my sata drivers on the CD (I don't have floppies, and don't know where to buy)


Well, the only thing i think you can do now is Finding a KernelExdender for Windows 2000 or Recompiling the cncnet WSOCK32 dll.


Well, look at This: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/120936-kdw-fcwin2k/


Btw, you should make a accont on MSFN, they have a cool stuff for those olds Operational Systems, like Windows 98SE KernelEX.

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