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An Official Map I Don't Have?


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Has anyone seen tg on Youtube? He does some tests on certain subjects in the Yuri's Revenge universe. Quite educational.

However, I can't help but notice he has a few maps he claims are official, but alas, I don't have them, and when I ask around on CnCNet ingame online, no one else has them either. One of the maps I'm trying to grab is a [2-6] map called "Oasis of Doom." There are other maps I see he's using but I don't have. It's obvious through seeing his videos he doesn't use CnCNet, so does he have a special pirated version of the game? Even if he did, how did he get those professionally made maps? ?

I tried digging through the Internet, and couldn't find the map I'm looking for. If ANYONE can dig up some of these maps and add them to our map database via a patch or something, that would be amazing. I'm always looking for 4-8 player maps to comp stomp.

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