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C&C Twisted Insurrection - Maps

[DSI] Firestorm

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I got into the twisted insurrection mod hosted on CnCnet and i've been so taken with how balanced and fun it is i've started producing a trove of maps for multiplayer and as i have a pretty large gaming community i'm trying to get my guys in so we can test the maps however every time we try it says i the "Host" need to upload to the CnCnet Map directory or something like that. I've looked around and i have yet to see any forums specifically talking about this or pointing to this "Directory" so mappers can upload. instead i've just seen people say you host and the other players just automatically DL the map. Well with other games sure.. i don't think this applies to Twisted Insurrection. Anyways the map i'm working on is about 80% complete at the time of this post and so this link reflects that but if someone wants to test it out VS AI and and vouch its a decent WIP that would be cool as id like to get this approved so i can get it out for testing and get my guys involved.

cityscape 3.0.map

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