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Solution to Offline Skirmish Crashes

Corvus Sidd

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Hello. I'm new here.

I love to play offline skirmish, where I would capture the enemy MCV and generally build a huge military complex across the map.

However, I noticed that with CnCnet, it's not possible to load the skirmishes you start. This is a shame because the native game does not has the maps or flexibility that CnCnet offers. I researched around this forum, and found that its not possible to load skirmish because of a low-priority bug.

Then I found a solution.

(i) I started a normal offline skirmish through CnCnet and saved it.

(ii) Then I used the method recommended in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtwQ4qBPJMQ&feature=youtu.be

(direct download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B21lAGuRCkBqdHVLNWVwdkNXWDg/view?usp=sharing)

Extract the files of the .zip file into your RA2 folder (save the original files it will overwrite, first).

(iii) Set Yuri.exe to Windows 8 compatibility mode (and run as administrator)

(iv) Run the native game. Go to Load Saved games, and open your skirmish.

It will load with your CnCnet settings (this means widescreen resolution).


Unfortunately, you will need to re-extract the files EVERYTIME you open the game (or alt-tab out of game too).

I know this is a limitation, but it works.

Summary: start cncnet offline skirmish, save, use the method above, and then load the game from native client.

You can save in the native client too, to keep playing later!


Edit: I don't know what the purpose of files in the .zip is, but I guess if you want to play online again, you would need to copy back the overwritten files you saved.

Would be nice to have mod clarification on this!

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