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Hi there! I'm LupusMechanicus. ? It's been a while since I've been lurking around the CNCNet community, not really doing much stuff, mainly playing some online matches on the Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge Client, and playing some singleplayer Twisted Insurrection and Mental Omega.

I've been a fan of the Command & Conquer series since I was just a little 6-years old boy. My first taste of RTS games was Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun, a game which I can say I fell in love with. The atmosphere, the story, the units, everything. One little thing I didn't knew back then was that I essentially had a pirated Russian copy of the game that didn't contained any music or cutscenes. ?‍♂️

So imagine my surprise when years later I got again into the game [back in 2010] and was blown away by the amazing music composed by Frank Klepacki and Jarrid Mendelson... ?

Now... I've been lately helping the Tiberium Resurrection developers with various things such as testing, providing some ideas and, lastly, new music. It ranges from okay-ish [in my honest opinion] to plain awesome [in their opinion]. So... without further ado... here it is:

Among the Titans [6:10]

Legacy of Nod [6:12]

Cyborg March [3:30]

Long Forgotten Past [3:53]

Nod Resurrection [4:19]

Jarrid's Gloom - Enhanced [6:24]

Frank's Nod Crush - Enhanced [7:34]

Frank's Valves - Enhanced [6:10]

Frank's Link Up - Enhanced [6:33]

Cruentus Harvest [5:07]

Crystalline Evolution [5:34]

Jarrid's Lone Trooper - Enhanced [6:10]

Hope you'll enjoy listening to it, as much as I enjoyed mixing it.? I've also been doing some other various tracks for another game that I won't name, but you'll probably figure it out eventually...posted image

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posted image

Entry Log #X-A#5g-o9X6-36tb..!TR13t-0kf...

System Corruption! Rebooting!
System Rebooted! Finding the nearest active network hub, please stand by...
No connection found... Re-routing...
Location: UNKNOWN... Time: UNKNOWN...
Warning! Severe Ion Storm detected! Please take shelter immediately!
Warning! Warning! Warn...

"God damn it! I know, I know!", an annoyed grunt of exasperation could be heard in an improvised shelter. "Just connect you piece of trash...". The crack of thunder interrupted his rambling. "Great...".

He looked up from the terminal towards the reinforced windows. "Severe my ass...", a small mumble escaped from his lips.

At least he was alive. In one piece? Not exactly, but it was better than being outside right now. His A-15 Orca Gunship though? Not so much. Conroy wasn't content with that thought, but he put it aside as the work on terminal was his primary concern.

"Stupid me, getting outsmarted by some Noddy Stealth Tank...", another mumble made an appearance. While on a long-range strategic recon mission, he got too close to a Nod facility and managed to get out of there just in time, only to realize that he was being painted by the targeting system from the stealth tank. A sharp dodge to the side saved him, but at the cost of one engine. Still, the prototype sensor pod worked. Albeit at the expense of his gunship. The R&D tech boys at least would be happy that he didn't wrecked the pod.

A small beeping noise started to emanate from the old speaker. "Finally!", Conroy exclaimed. Looking at the screen he slowly read out the various lines that kept appearing.

... Authorization #612A/NEAC/GDI... Permission Granted...
... Connected to the GDI North-West Communication Network.
... Pinpointing the location of the terminal, please stand by...
... Location confirmed: GDI Outpost Echo-Romeo 2-5, Bucharest, former Romania.
... Time: 16:52/4:52 PM
... Date: 15/06/2042
... Warning! Severe Ion Storm detected! Please take shelter immediately!

"Damn it...", he slowly whispered. "I'm stuck in a Red Zone...". But as quickly as the thought came, relief managed to wade into his body. "Could be worse... Could've been a prisoner in a Nod camp... Or even dead...".

He somehow managed to land his bird in a not quite orthodox way, but he was still breathing. With the prospect of being in a Red Zone though... That breathing would probably be the last, if he hadn't managed to find this abandoned outpost. Whatever supplies had been in this place, they were long gone, looted most likely. But he knew that in every outpost like this one, there was bound to be a secret deposit just in case of emergencies. After a slight hiccup with a turned over shelf, he succeeded in finding the deposit, and after cleaning up his wounds with the help of a medical kit, Conroy's mind immediately turned to finding a way to call for help. But now that he knew where he was, help was probably not coming. Not right now at least.

He started typing on the terminal keyboard a message to his squadron airbase. It wouldn't hurt if they knew he was still alive, though the missing Orca Gunship would give them the confirmation that something happened to me. The connection to the North-West hub was patchy to say the least, but it was holding for now. Enough to send a small transmission.

"I need to wait until this storm passes, and then take a look at my gunship, it surely won't fly anymore but I need to get the recon data out of it", he thought. Looking again through the window, the tiberium fields weren't as near as he initially thought, but the green glow was as haunting as ever. The crystal was growing everywhere in the ruins of the former capital.

"This definitely ain't good...". Turning his head towards the secret deposit, he noted that he had some food and water reserves, but not enough for a long stay. Maybe a few days if properly rationed, but after that...

Another beeping noise from the terminal catched his attention. His eyes traced the new lines that were being printed on screen.

... Incoming transmission ...
... GDI - New Eden Air Command...
... Colonel Matherson B. Fergus ...
... To Squadron Leader Conroy A. T. ...

... EVA detected your authorization credentials after they accessed the NW-Communication Network. Sorry to hear that your bird took a beating. A search-and-rescue mission is being prepared but with the Ion Storm activity over South-Eastern Europe it's going to take a while. Hold and wait for further instructions. We'll try to come as soon as possible, son...
... Hang tight! ...

... Transmission ended...

A small chuckle could be heard in the terminal room. "Well at least I know they'll be coming sooner or later...". With a small grunt, Conroy rose from his seat and waded around the outpost. "Pretty intact for a red zone outpost.", he told himself. As he entered the armory, he couldn't help but notice all the dusty racks and shelves. "Well, there goes my idea of munitions...", he grunted. With only an Eagle sidearm at his disposal, the chances of fending off whatever tiberium fiends and mutated creatures were out there, were slowly but surely going downhill.

The thought immediately dissipated as he saw a crack behind one of the shelves. "What's this?", a confused Conroy silently asked himself. Moving the shelf, he took a better look at the crack. Slowly touching it, he felt the cold of a metallic panel. "Why is this hidden?", Conroy exclaimed.

Pulling the metallic panel, revealed a circuit box, but that wasn't all. Using his flashlight he noticed that various tied cables of unknown origin, connected to the circuit board, were headed towards the floor. Confused, he slowly backed away from the circuit box. A footstep could be heard behind him. Conroy, now aware that he wasn't alone in the outpost tried to look at his guest, only for a sharp pain to register in his head, then sudden blackness.


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