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in game sound stopped working recently


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I'm playing from the First Decade set.  I've had RA2:YR playing pretty well in my Windows 10 computer for quite a while now.  Recently I lost the in game sound.  The opening / loading splash screen sound is ok, as is the windows changing to the next window sound is ok too.  The clicks when the mouse cursor goes over the buttons is gone and when the game starts, there's no sound at all.  When I exit the game and go back to the window animations the sound works fine.  I haven't intentionally updated Windows or anything, however I did update my Origin client for another game.  I've since uninstalled Origin, uninstalled and reinstalled the entire First Decade set.  Nothing brings back the in game sound.  I even tried to uninstall some of the Windows updates back to when I think the problem began, but nothing has helped.  Any ideas?

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I found a link to a you-tube video in another post that instructed me to check the sound settings and make sure it was set to stereo only, and not 5.1 or 7.1.  Well,  it appeared that my audio was already on stereo, however unchecking and  re-checking the option seemed to cure the problem

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