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Adding custom game modes to CNCNET


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I'd like to experiment with new game modes through the launcher.

I made a mod loooong time ago (time flies..), which I am planning to make compatible with CNCNET. At least for myself, but I might actually release a new version if there are nasty bugs that need crushing, as I remember a broken version was also circulating around.
(Yuri's Revenge Skirmish Pack: https://download.cnet.com/Command-Conquer-Yuri-s-Revenge-Skirmish-Pack-Final/3000-2121_4-10264129.html ) oh wow.. 2004

What I found so far.. Steps:

- In the /INI/Mapcode/ folder
1. I need to put the gamemode INI files, which I already have in my mod (inside the MIX)

- In the /INI/ folder
2. I need to add the following MINIMAL code to MPMaps.ini, like:

CustomIniPath=INI\Map Code\CustomGM.ini

3. I need to add the "CustomGM" gamemode to ALL maps that I want supported inside MPMaps.ini, like:

[Maps\Yuri's Revenge\XMP25T6]
Description=[6] DEFCON 6
GameModes=Battle,Free For All,Meat Grinder,Unholy Alliance,CustomGM

(can be done quickly with some notepad tricks)

My questions:

1. Will I be able to play online with the original game modes?
2. Will I be able to play online with the new game modes? (with a friend of mine that has the exact same mod)
3. Will I get a message that I have modified files and might be cheating, when I join a game room?
4. When CNCNET updates, will it overwrite the file? Or will it skip it, even though there is a newer version?
5. How often does MPMaps get updated? Isn't it a fixed set of YR maps that are already released by Westwood? (and therefore, not going to be updated?)
6. Would it be possible to created a MPMapsYRSPF.ini (for my own mod) that will append the dropdown list with my own game modes?

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