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Hi.  I know there are already several topics about suggestions in different areas.  However, most have been dead for quite awhile, and besides, I'd rather not post each idea in a different topic, so to expedite things, I'll put everything in one new topic.   :)


First off:  The Generals engine has been the perfect choice for remaking TD.  The original game, while fun in it's time, is, by today's standards, slow, frustrating, and simply MADE of inconveniences.  With the Generals play controls, logistics is smoothed out in a hundred ways, and you've made the game accessible again!


Also, the attention to detail you've put in really shows.


Now then, the suggestions:


-The most obvious thing is maybe a Game Speed control.  In your trailers, everything seems to move at a normal pace.  In the actual campaign, however, it seems locked at the fastest game speed.  Everything moves at a frenetic pace.  Which is fine - if the game speed is going to be locked, may as well be at a speed where you don't have to sit around waiting forever for stuff.  And it doesn't make the game impossible, by any stretch.  You can still beat it without issue.  But it doesn't lend itself to subtler strategies.  But if it's too much to ask, don't worry.


-Secondly, the Nod infantry models:  They're mostly black with bits of red.  Which is consistent with games like Renegade, sure.  The problem is...  they're a little hard to see.  Many levels, especially in Story mode, are kind of dark and shadowy, and Nod's troops are almost invisible until you zoom in.  I know it's a bit inaccurate, but maybe you could go with more Red models, with bits of black, instead.  I guess there's a reason why the original game made them white (heh, I originally imagined the Brotherhood of Nod as a bunch of mad scientists running around in their white coats because of that, hah.)


-Third, regarding all the infantry models, in both armies.  I know you've already put a lot of work into those, but the fact is, they're hard to distinguish.  You can hardly tell a Minigunner from a Grenadier, a Bazooka Guy, an Engineer, or even a Civilian.  Even if you have to sacrifice the realism a bit, is there any way you could redesign the infantry models so they're a bit more distinct from one another?  If it's too much trouble, don't worry.  It doesn't harm the game hardly at all.


-Did you have any plans to implement sandbags and walls?  Not neccessary, but if you do, you could give it a Click-and-Drag interface.  Instead of having to build walls a brick at a time, like in the old days, you could just choose "Sandbag" and draw a little straight line for how they should be built.  Then the game could build the wall for you, one block at a time, with a few seconds of 'building' time between each brick, so it'd still take awhile to build a wall.  


-I also appear unable to target Concrete Walls and Sandbags.  I select my troops and tell them to attack Concrete Walls...  they don't respond.  They go up to the wall and stop.  Minor bug.


-The general appearance of the campaign maps - look, they're absolutely gorgeous, and meticulously constructed to match the original maps.  The textures, the lighting, the shaders, and the shadows are first-rate, top-notch.  Only thing, though:  The end result is that the maps are a tad...  dark.  The original game maps, while crude, were colorful and brightly lit.  Now the maps seem...  awfully dark, shadowy, and desolate.  The mountains and valleys of Central Europe look more like a misty, third-world jungle.  And again, sometimes it makes dark units, like Nod, hard to see.  It's mostly an aesthetic thing, and I don't know exactly how you'd fix it, so I wouldn't waste time on it, but it's noticeable.


-Minor bug, but I noticed when I send an Engineer into a civilian building, he seems to 'tear down' the building a bit.  The 'damage' is repaired when he leaves.  


Other than these minor things, the game you're making here is first-rate.  Other than these, I'd just like to see the Story Modes finished, all the missions made,  so I can do the whole Campaigns.  


Do you think you'll be able to implement the between-mission FMVs, with the maps of GDI/Nod progression as well?  Or is that a bit much?

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