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Overcoming Allies on Naval maps (SvA) YR


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Hi all, I know there have been other threads about this topic, but I still have serious trouble facing allies on sea maps. I begin by saying I'm talking about completely naval map (like Tsunami).

The problem is that I can't take control of water early on, and in the same time make a steady economy.

I realize it's better to take control of water early on to avoid him making many dolphins (which can then kill my Shipyard in no time), but in order to make the subs+scorpions duo, I need to make radar, while he doesnt need radar for destroyers. At this point I would be making subs and scorpions, but having only 1 miner, my economy becomes very slow for a while, and in the mean time the Allies player would have out teched me, and I will be having trouble both mid and late game.

So by the time I have 2 subs and 1 scorpion, he would have 3 destroyers but a better economy. By the time I get my lab, he would have earlier lab, bigger navy, rocketeers, and aegis cruiser.

I guess there might be a problem with my BO, but I dont know what to do since I nead subs+scorpions early:

power, rax, ref, radar, shipyard (subs and scorpions), warf (2 miners, 1 flak to counter rocky harass, 1 miner), power, ref, lab, other shipyards.

So the point is that I have a hard time getting using dread or kirov, because he would just a have a bigger army than mine by that time.

So could you help me on this situation, and maybe giving me a better BO? Thanks

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