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CnCNet 3.0c Beta: No more port forwarding! (collaboration surprise inc.)


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EDIT: 3.0c was just released, I totally forgot to fix C&C support (only supported RA and up). If you already downloaded 3.0b for C&C, please upgrade to 3.0c. RA players are fine.


Ohai, I keep posting news every day o/


Today I have finished the first publicly released version of CnCNet 3.0c client files which are backwards compatible with 3.0 and 3.0a but also include support for the new dedicated server thingy. The new client files are released in the Downloads section and on the testing site.


What this means is that when you are playing on CnCNet trough a dedicated server, you don't need to forward any port. It should work behind any firewall or router as long as the program has internet access and UDP packets are not blocked altogether (equals you can play other online games).


What is also means is that games will be slower and how much depends on the dedicated server location and player amount. When there are more than two players playing in the same game the amount of traffic that goes trough the dedicated server increases exponentially. There is really no way around it because that is how the protocol of these games work. The good news is pure P2P will be always available and faster but the dedicated server gives a possibility to play from restricted connections.


Ok, I've babbled enough. The testing site is like usual at http://hifi.iki.fi/cncnet/ and contains the quick launch button for each game. You need to update your 3.0a to 3.0c and then run cncnet.exe once to fix the dll name and to register the protocol. If you're running Windows Vista or 7 remember to run it once as the Administrator, it won't register the protocol otherwise. After that you can use the button to launch and you'll be dropped in the dedicated lobby. The dedicated server is not yet fully complete but I expect it to be soon. The dedicated server is meant to host a single game for a group of people. Everyone will be able to run their own dedicated server and even keep it private if you value your bandwidth. More about dedicated servers after testing is done. The testing server is in "open" mode so anyone can anonymously play trough it for now.


The other big news is we're integrating with CGA, Classic Gaming Arena (http://classicgamingarena.com)! It means everything CnCNet 3.5 is about and more! We hope to achieve a bigger retro gaming community and CnCNet will be a big part of it. Though rest assured, we are not fully depending on CGA so if we ever hit a wall with them we can go rogue again. This is part of the deal I've made with them so both parties can be at ease the other one can't leave the other hanging.


No more port problems, whee! If you have connectivity problems with 3.0 and really want to play with your friend you could try 3.0c the testing server. Be aware the server is located in Finland so all your data is going trough my server first. That means if you are in the states your might have some extra latency playing with someone near you.


(Myg and Irony, I haven't seen either of you for a long time so this might be news for you too but I had to go forward on my own to get things rolling.)

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