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  1. CnCNet doesn't support Emperor Battle for Dune and wont unless someone wants to do the necessary work to support it. If CnCNet supports it you will need your original copy in order to play it and no download for the game will be provided.

  2. This is because the CnCNet client for Yuri's Revenge is primarily made for The Ultimate Collection and The First Decade both install RA2 and YR.

    What exact issue do you have with RA2 that requires fixes?

  3. There shouldn't be an issue using SunEdit2k (or TibEd) if you click on "Single player" in the launcher or use the "Tiberian Sun Game" shortcut it creates if you installed the full version of TS. This will start TS normally just like "back in the day".

    Otherwise you have to simply rename "rules.ini" to "spawn.xdp" then it should work in the CnCNet client as well, if you want to play with other players using your mod all the other players must have downloaded your spawn.xdp file and placed it in their TS folders.

    I always recommend editing rules.ini with a text editor though. Editors like SunEdit 2k or TibEd are kinda notorious for adding a whole lot of stuff to your ini files that isn't necessary and could cause problems while modding. 

  4. Using DOSBox can remove the reason to use windowed mode too. Just configure the built in scaler to scale the image properly rather than relying on the often horrible scaling of the graphics card or the monitor itself. This however requires a fairly modern computer.

    If you want a 100% authentic experience for your Win95 (or older) machine I'd recommend finding a CRT monitor with a shadow mask.

    @Nyerguds Windows 95 can run DOS games in windowed mode though. Performance is pretty crap though.

  5. alt+enter will make DOS apps ran on Win95 go windowed.

    Will probably not run that well though.

    None of the PC versions of C&C games use mixed mode CD media. Covert Ops, Counterstrike, Aftermath and Sole Survivor do have CD audio and are mixed mode CD's, but the CDDA data is never used ingame.

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