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  1. Tore

    Buddy keeps getting g-line banned

    Locked. Already answered in here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9482-buddy-keeps-getting-g-line-banned/
  2. Tore

    Buddy keeps getting g-line banned

    Sorry to hear that, but the GameSurge g-line appeal tool is the only way to deal with them. Maybe there is an issue with your friends network or ISP that keeps triggering g-lines. You can try the general support form and asking what may trigger g-lines, but this will not help with getting an actual g-line solved.
  3. No, but I'm sure it is possible to emulate the console versions and play those with a controller.
  4. Tore

    I need help !

    Maybe try redownloading?
  5. Tore

    Red Alert 1 Will Not Start

    It is a really weird problem that has recently started happening. Game refuses to launch on install, but a reboot fixes it. It's almost like modern Windows wants to pretend it is Win95/Win98 Glad the reboot fixed it!
  6. Tore

    Red Alert 1 Will Not Start

    No error messages or anything? Have you tried rebooting?
  7. Tore

    Tib Sun from Origin not starting

    That's odd. TSpatch should've fixed it. Can you elaborate more on Funky's launcher not launching the game? The game doesn't start at all?
  8. Tore

    Old school LAN party. [asking for help]

    LAN mode on C&C DOS/Win95 and RA DOS/Win95 works just fine. Since you are using Pentium II and III machines I assume you are using Win98 and original CD's so you just need to install the IPX protocol. Do note that RA version 1.08 LAN support is quite buggy, so I recommend either 1.04 (version on CD) or 3.03.
  9. Tore

    Install and play

    Hi. Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge is available on Origin as part of "Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection".
  10. Tore

    CNCNet RA2 & Yuri's files problem

    That's weird. Have you tried reinstalling the YR client?
  11. Tore

    CNCNet RA2 & Yuri's files problem

    There can be multiple reasons for this. - You are not running the latest version of YR (This only applies if you have installed RA2 and YR from the original 3 CD's) - You have some modded files in your folder - Some sort of bug in the client?
  12. Tore

    Installing problems

    What link? What game are you trying to play?
  13. Tore

    Remaster Update and Community Council

    @Chimas Yes. I can say that I am part of it. Don't get your hopes up for any special behind the scenes news as we are all under NDA. It is still early days. I don't know much much sway the words of the council members have, but I will do my best to represent the C&C1 and RA1 communities. I have already been in contact with some of the best C&C1 players to hear their thoughts and I plan do to the same with some of the best RA1 players. Please continue providing feedback. It is important that EA and Petroglyph hears what is the communities wishes are.
  14. Tore

    Red Alert 1 doesnt work online

    Check the answer by @FunkyFr3sh in your other topic.
  15. There should be a setting in either the Nvidia control panel or the Intel control panel.
  16. Tore

    Red Alert 1 doesnt work online

    G-line is a global ban set by GameSurge. No worries though as this usually means that IP's in your range have been banned due to a previous spambot attack. If that is the case GameSurge will usually whitelist your IP and unban you pretty quickly.
  17. Tore

    Red Alert 1 doesnt work online

    Hi there. Seems like you have been g-lined. Check out this link: https://gamesurge.net/utils/gline/ and follow GameSurge's process on removing g-lines.
  18. EA has just announced the Command & Conquer games that will be Remastered Today EA producer @EA_Jimtern announced that they are remastering two classic Command & Conquer (C&C) titles: The original C&C - Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert Remaster starts with Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert, but that's not all EA Partners up with Petroglyph You read that right. This is huge. Why? For those who don't know, Petroglyph Games is a company that was originally started by former Westwood Las Vegas developers and responsible for games like Star Wars Empire at War, Grey Goo and 8-bit Armies. This means that Westwood veterans such as Joe Bostic (responsible for much of the code in C&C and RA) will be working on the remasters. Joe Bostic from the announcement: Lemon Sky are in the mix too, bringing 4k with them! Lemon Sky Studios are being brought in alongside Petroglyph, which will "bring the 4k glory". They are one of the premier art studios around the world, with a unique speciality in remastering classic RTS titles, including Starcraft. Frank Klepacki is back That's right, with Petroglyph comes Frank Klepacki. Confirmed by his tweet just a moment ago and in a YouTube video published from the announcement. Let your voice be heard! Jim has been adamant from the start about community involvement and feedback and will be listening to feedback from across the C&C community so this is your chance to get your thoughts heard and head over to the Reddit announcement post
  19. Tore

    RA2/YR error

    Hi, to play RA2/YR on CnCNet you need to have RA2 and YR installed already. You can get it as part of the "Ultimate Collection" on Origin. CnCNet does not provide downloads of the games themselves as they are not freeware.
  20. Hi, this website is about the classic C&C games. For further C&C3 questions asking on https://cnc-online.net/en/ might be better. Anyway. EA has closed the FTP server responsible for C&C3 updates. You can however download and install them from here: https://cncnz.com/downloads/tiberium-wars-downloads/#patches (TW) https://cncnz.com/downloads/kanes-wrath-downloads/#patches (KW)
  21. Tore

    Help - small screen issue

    Is your graphics card set to scale the image? Have you tried setting the game to a higher res?
  22. Tore

    Auto save

    should be an option in the game lobby.
  23. What unofficial patches did you try? Have you tried TSpatch?: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2606-tiberian-sun-patches-fix-for-the-windows-8-10-menu-problems-and-more/
  24. @Blake00 PortableRA is out of date, better use @FunkyFr3sh's installer now a days: https://funkyfr3sh.cnc-comm.com/ and Nyer's 1.06 page isn't going anywhere soon. Anyway I fixed the PRA site in the interest of historical preservation, at least the downloads. Oh and mind the date, this topic was 4 years old.
  25. Iran has released a new version of PortableRA the details can be read below.