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  1. This question is probably better suited for W3D Hub: https://w3dhub.com/forum/
  2. Tore

    fix download error

    As the error message says you need to have Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge already installed to use CnCNet.
  3. Cloudflare seems to have cached the Nod CD image incorrectly. Should be fixed now. Odd that the NoCD isn't working. Did you by chance have any other CD images mounted or discs in a physical drive? On some machines it can cause the no CD to fail.
  4. Link seems to work for me there.
  5. scs30ea "Kali's wrath" scs31ea "Blistering Ridges" scs32ea "Plains of Nazca" or "Petroglyph" scs33ea "Ridge forts" scs35ea "" scs36ea "Pharaoh's wrath" scs37ea "" scs38ea "Oasis of Death" scs39ea "" scs40ea "Tournament Oasis" scs41ea "Sniper's Haven" scs42ea "River skirmish" scs43ea "Hill forts" scs51ea "" scs60ea "" scs61ea "" scs62ea "" scs63ea ""
  6. Updated the thread to be more of a guide.
  7. Hello everyone. Due to issues at our provider, the server running the ladder had to be restored from a 6 day old backup. Unfortunately none of the games recorded during that period could be restored. We're sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. We're already in the process of adding daily backups for the ladder.
  8. Yes. It's just like forming an alliance. Select a unit of the person you want to end the alliance with and press A.
  9. That's an odd glitch. Have you built a Hand of Nod? Is your entire sidebar visible? Maybe a screenshot could help.
  10. Tore


    They are included.
  11. Cool stuff. Do you know if there are any changes in gameplay from this beta to retail?
  12. CnCNet doesn't support Emperor Battle for Dune and wont unless someone wants to do the necessary work to support it. If CnCNet supports it you will need your original copy in order to play it and no download for the game will be provided.
  13. Tore


    To fix a g-line check this page: https://gamesurge.net/utils/gline/
  14. Tore

    Problems with a RA2 ban

    Hi, You will need to follow DroneBL's process to get your IP address removed from their database: http://dronebl.org/lookup . Once your IP is no longer listed in DroneBL, you'll be able to connect to GameSurge If it says "This IP is part of a CIDR listing and can only be removed by contacting the maintainer", they should e-mail [email protected]
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