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  1. Tore

    2018 UPDATES

    The fixed launchers are not strictly necessary for ZH mods anyway. However Generals.exe on Origin will launch a launcher program first so any launcher program must check for the game actually running instead of renaming mod files back on exit. The TDR launcher does kinda accommodate for this with the force enable option though. As for UAC issues you should make sure the mod launcher runs with admin permissions triggering the UAC prompt.
  2. Sad to hear your bad experiences with OpenRA, but I've heard similar experiences from people before. I don't think there is any tools to convert maps from OpenRA back to the classic games as they use incompatible formats. So you'd have to remake the maps on XCC Editor or RA-ED depending on the game.
  3. Tore

    Command and Conquer promo pins

    Yes, these are very rare and were only available from Westwood.com or in certain bundles at certain stores. I don't think you can get them from anywhere other than auction/used goods sites like Ebay and similar and when they show up people usually want quite a bit of money for them.
  4. Tore

    Can't download Tiberian Sun.

    The site isn't down. What error message do you get when trying to access it?
  5. Tore

    TDR wont launch

    Have you tried running it as admin?
  6. That's a typo. Should've been 1024x768 No archive of the forum layout itself? archive.org pls.
  7. Tore

    Getting Error

    There should be a file in your RA2/YR folder called except.txt, you should upload that, maybe someone can at least figure out where in the code the game crashed.
  8. The A10 is in mp, you just need to enable crates.
  9. C&C1 originally has temperate, desert and winter (looks like temperate, but has snowy bits here and there)
  10. Tore

    Anyone make a Mod fix for Origin C&C games?

    The default TUC exe's do not respond to command line parameters.
  11. Why not just use @FunkyFr3sh's installer? https://funkyfr3sh.cnc-comm.com/
  12. Tore

    New forum theme, love it!

    Once the CnCNet theme has been updated to work with this version of IPB avatars will be back to squares :)
  13. Tore

    New forum theme, love it!

    That would be a part of (the former?) Renegade Projects, not PPM.But there have been great contributions from certain PPM people like Rampastring who made the majority of the YR client. Ares itself hasn't been much of a influence especially seeing that CnCNet5 was initially incompatible with it until a CnCNet5 DLL could be made. Next update all avatars are gonna be oval.
  14. Tore

    New forum theme, love it!

    That's rather circular. I was looking for what PPM has enabled in CnCNet, looking for your opinion on that By using the best browser known to man: Lynx
  15. Tore

    New forum theme, love it!

    Not quite sure what you are getting at here. Next CnCNet theme: monochrome, alternatives: green phosphor or white phosphor. Text mode only