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  1. problem face when install CnCNet RA2

    Hey, have you installed Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge before you tried to install the CnCNet client for Yuri's Revenge?
  2. Tiberian sun single player install error

    That's weird, have you tried it again? Maybe there was a small connection hiccup somewhere?
  3. Mac and PC?

    Uh, guess I'm blind then. I didn't notice the tag
  4. Mac and PC?

    Which game are you referring to? Anyhow if you manage to get the games running on your Mac using a compatibility layer like PlayOnMac or Crossover you will be able to play against people on Windows. Some of the downloads here do provide a Mac version wrapped in such a compatibility layer already that might work, but I don't know as I don't have a Mac myself.
  5. CnCNet and Retro Gaming Machines

    IIRC the CnCNet client for C&C1, RA1, Dune2k and TS requires dotnet framework 2.0 try installing that first. It is the last version that was released for Win98. Otherwise you need at least XP.
  6. Tiberian Sun Map Generator

    The reason why CnCNet doesn't have a built in random map generator is simply because no one has had an interest high enough to create one. Not to mention having to figure out how the map generators work.
  7. Add Dune 2 support?

    As @Plokite_Wolf said Dune Legacy is not Dune II. A OpenDune or Dune Dynasty with multiplayer support would've been interesting though.
  8. Japanese Command & Conquer Gold

    C&C95 is C&C Gold
  9. General Discussion Forum

    Yeah there are more bugs to fix. Hopefully it will be solved on Tuesday
  10. Missing shortcut

    Most likely a false positive. AV vendors are very paranoid about new files they have not seen before. Defining them as generic Trojans or viruses.
  11. Forums have undergone an update

    Go to your profile and click on the lower left corner of the profile picture there is an almost invisible icon there currently.
  12. CnC 3 tiberium wars + kane's wrath

    Hello, we do not support C&C3/KW however the people at https://cnc-online.net/en/ do.
  13. Forums have undergone an update

    The transition messed up a lot of permission related things, but they should be fixed now. Posts should be editable for an unlimited amount of time Everyone should be able to see attachments Everyone should be able to download attachments Anyone registered should be able to upload attachments Things that are work in progress: Restoring old similes/emoticons Links Restoring ranks Other things that show up If enough people want a cnc-comm style theme I guess I'll make one when I have time
  14. General Discussion Forum

    @sgtmyers88 It was a permissions issue, should be fixed now.
  15. CnCNet reaches 800+ Players Online

    For that to be answered correctly Funky needs to chime in too. As his client is the official C&C1, RA1, Dune 2k and TS client. If he keeps stats like this that is.