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  1. i have downloaded the official NOD and GDI cd which one do i use to install the game and please someone post a link so i can download up date patch, N3tRunn3r ive also got westwood chat installed using ur great full REDALERT when i click register i feel in the bits and it says server is down and i cant register pls help me on this THX[/color:fgqxklu5]
  2. hi iam Rulebreaker a true command and conquer man, no i dont brake rules its just a name . i hope we can play some nice games
  3. Hey its me the one thats having this problem but, Netrunners CNC95 doesnt work for others, i am going to download the 1st decade and try that, i can also say i would get windows xp 32 bit, if i only had a patch for it to read that i have 4 gigs RA. It ONLY READS 3, WHERES THE OTHER 1 [/color:3fj74n1d]
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