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  1. (Might as well post it here too as well as PPM and TibWeb ) Ok.. This may seem a little out of the blue as I've not been on here for ages, and yes I do remember that I said I lost interest in C&C.... BUT.. I got an urge to make a map. It's quite a simple 3 player map really, 75 x 75 size I made this map completely out of fun.. Hope you like. Minimap Preview: Download: Clicky!
  2. Thought I'd give you all a desktop update.
  3. Might as well show you all mine. Reduced it in size so you don't have to scroll just to see it all.
  4. Somehow I just knew somebody would come along and put something like that, Tore. Glad to be back!
  5. Boy.. Has this place developed since I was last here! Brilliant work Tore! I am back from the dead! I intend to be more active but I cannot promise anything..
  6. Wow.. A lot has happened after i've been off for a while.. I'll give this a try.
  7. Ok i removed the trees, added some more ore/jems and made some other changes.. RAIDAWA1.zip[/attachment:2e828zeb]
  8. ..Another crashed kodiak. What is it with GDI pilots nowadays? Anyways this map looks very good, it has a lot of detail and the cliffs don't look repeated or anything. The lighting looks spot on in my eyes. I see you have used different coloured tiberium, i like that too. Spotlight vote from me, but i'm going to wait for more spotlight votes and then spotlight it.
  9. Unbalanced? Should i remove the trees?
  10. Ok we have a little problem here.. I've installed the small infantry mod to use in my own mod, (i'll have to credit nyerguds in the readme) but.. The C&C1 commando i added is huge compared to all the other small infantry, so i need a smaller version of it that fits in with the other smaller infantry. I tried extracting the actual C&C1 commando from TD but TD and RA1 have different pallets for infantry so the commando turned out in the wrong colour ingame. Unlesss somebody wishes to make one for me, it will take some time for me to change the colours so they are the right pallet.
  11. I was just bored one day, so i made this hope you'll all like. EDWIN 2008-01-26 22-57-24-18.PNG[/attachment:l2lmmlx1] EDWIN 2008-01-26 22-57-11-35.PNG[/attachment:l2lmmlx1] EDWIN 2008-01-26 22-56-59-20.PNG[/attachment:l2lmmlx1] EDWIN 2008-01-26 22-56-55-73.PNG[/attachment:l2lmmlx1] EDWIN 2008-01-26 22-56-46-64.PNG[/attachment:l2lmmlx1] EDWIN 2008-01-26 22-56-44-43.PNG[/attachment:l2lmmlx1] EDWIN 2008-01-26 22-56-40-76.PNG[/attachment:l2lmmlx1] RAIDAWA0.zip[/attachment:l2lmmlx1]
  12. Originally posted by rebel5555 on cncden.com (Do the Same if you want the GDI Crane to build walls) -Step 3: Find GDIWallHubCommandSetand add the following that will be in Green text -Step 4: To add walls for NOD & the Scrin find NODConstructionYardCommandSet, NODWallHubCommandSet, AlienDronePlatformCommandSet, and AlienWallHubCommandSet and add the following under their command sets. Congratulations! All you have to do is compile your mod and then enjoy. There are several tutorials on adding walls to C&C3, but i think this one is my favorite, enjoy.
  13. Here's what you've all been waiting for. The release of the beta version of Sarcom! Sarcom_BETA.zip[/attachment:mnbr76rf] Perfect time to release it... Just when you've only got one day left of freedom in the weekend! ..I'll try and release it at a better time next time. EDIT: There's someone i didn't credit in the readme, the guy who made the C&C1 commando for me to use, where i downloaded it from his name wasn't known. So i have not added him to the list, i was the one who made the cameo, it was just the shp this other guy made.
  14. RA1 vehicles have now been made slower like they are in real life. I have asked people on msn and more people said they should be slower than people who said they should not change, so they get the win. Beta release is going to be on 20/01/08.
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