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  1. But you dont know it because you dont have a PS3 -.- Does someone know the answer and has a PS3?
  2. That only means you can play it over LAN but not in the Internet for PS3. And i already did play Retaliation in LAN with two PS1
  3. What do you mean by that? Why should i emulate Retaliation? On the pc i just use the pc version for online play! My question is just if they made an online mode for the PS3 Version of Retaliation. Btw how much does it cost there?
  4. Hello people does someone have a PS3? i heard that you can download Retaliation for the PS3 from the Playstation Network and i really would like to know if you then can play it on the PS3 online. If you have a PS3 you should really try it, if you are a real C&C fan Sadly i have no PS3 Thanks in advance
  5. How can you use the -w and -h parameter to configure your Resolution? Thanks
  6. Hmmm if this is real then i think Hyper has been defeated by Hifi O_o Where can you download this version of cncdraw and what do you need to configure to get RA1 running at this high resolution like in this screenshot ??? Thank you Hifi
  7. Hello everyone, i made a Coop Mission for RA Aftermath where you have to survive together with one other friend against increasing waves of CPU controlled units. I attached the Coop Mission to this post. Have fun Coop.rar
  8. The Colour issue in RA+ can be fixed if you go to Options > Game Controls > Visual Controls > Reset Values And by the way Red Alert 1 Modding was never dead since i worked on my Perfect RA Mod for three and a half year till now!! http://ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28739
  9. Wher can you find and download the Quickmatch from Hifi? Might be cool if you will find anyone over the Quickmatch :-)
  10. Eh Why only RA v1.08 and not the newest v3.03 ???
  11. Hey Tore how can u set this very high Resolution in the Mod like in the Screenshot???
  12. Is there any newer Version of this MixMaker?? This one can creates MIX Files but it does not seem to be able to edit the Mixfiles like put files into the mixfile or delete files in it. Its only there to put in new missions. XCC Mixer can much more.
  13. Eh this is not what i am looking for Pichorra. Im looking for a MixMaker which creates .MIX-Files or can delete .dat database files from XCC Mixer!!!
  14. XCC Mix Editor does the same it creates such damaging database.dat files which cant be removed by these editors. And with damaging i mean when these databases are in the mixfile and you have put there a mission or multiplayermap, then the changes under the [basic] Section like the Theme-Command will be ignored -.- And i mean a Mixmaker for RA, it is probably for MS-DOS!!! Netrunner told me its name is maybe MixMaker v.2 or 3x for MS-DOS. And wtf is Windows 2008??
  15. Do you know a MixMaker except XCC Utilities which can delete the XCC databases .dat files in mixfiles created by XCC Mixer or which dont create damaging databases (.dat files) ?? I need another mixmaker than XCC Mixer or XCC Mix Editor!! And of course a Downloadlink for it
  16. Hey guys im sure you can help me because that i want to do, already worked in Red Alert the Downfall :-) I want to know how k0ct-ep set the Startthemes (music tracks) in his new Aftermissions and if you can the same with Multiplayermaps? He set the Starttheme from This Bait to "Crush" [basic] Name=This bait Intro=<none> Brief=<none> Win=<none> Lose=<none> Action=<none> Player=Greece Theme=CRUS226M and from Bio Weapons to "2ND_Hand" [basic] Name=Bio Weapons Intro=<none> Brief=<none> Win=<none> Lose=MONTPASS Action=<none> Player=Greece Theme=2ND_HAND But if i try the same with these commands i fail and it dont work but it works for him in his missions. So what to do? What i have to regard? What im missing out or what files or commands overwrites the Settings to Standard again? How can i set the Starttheme in Missions and Multiplayermaps so that it works? Thanks in advance
  17. Hello Guys i´m looking for people who are playing Future Cop 1vs1 with me over Hamachi or something. If you want to run the game on XP you only must set it into Compatibility Mode for Win95 or 98 and select Direct3D as Graphic Renderer under the 3DSetup.exe Would be happy to find someone to play against each other
  18. lol i didnt think of something quite simple like this, but you didnt think of it first too Tore Why think easy when you can think complicated XD
  19. Yeah Tore finally someona notice the same Issue as me. That is exactly the Problem im talking about! Yes Nyerguds thats it, i mean the darker blue in the menu and the strange water and the whole remaining strange colours... So Nyerguds why you dont have that problem too in RA+ ?? So will you guys fix that, so that RA+ has the normal colours and Small Infantry or Tore will you now make a new RA Setup Installer without these Problems?
  20. Hmmm sadly that doesnt help to fix my problem with RA+
  21. Killa 57 what are you talking about? Please write in whole sentences!
  22. Eh i said i run the program right after the Install and i dont said that i added something, i only tried to replace the palette.cps with the original one... And if i put that in or not the colours stays the same. And at the same time i have the original TFD RA installed and that one hasnt got those wrong weird colours... So that problem is referred to Netrunners great RA+ Installer Try it out and install his RA+ Setup. And i cant uninstall DirectX, there are only shitty Uninstallers at the Internet and if i run DirectX 9c it is instantly ready because its already installed, so it doesnt install properly.
  23. ehm this is not my problem because i have Windows XP and this dont fixes my colour problem in Netrunners RA+ Setup. So how i fix the DX Problem on WIN XP ?? Am i the only one having this problem with Netrunners Installer??
  24. Hmmm bad and i can not fix it by replacing the palette.cps file in expand2.mix ... You know how to fix that? Not the best Version if thats always there and you have to fix it first or if it is even not fixable...
  25. Could someone fix the weird non-Standard colours and the Big Infantry in Netrunner´s RA+ Setup without changing the Fireballs ?? Would be really appreciated !!!
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