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  1. any insight to when AWOS will be back up?
  2. well, i see there are 4 people on the forums atm, anyone wanna play useing hamachi then?
  3. well i mean i googled it and found all of that out, witch is pretty cool to be honest, but. i don't see at how that would help with playing TS:firestorm online. unless it creates like an LAN connection between several computers and u just go to the LAN section in The game itself?
  4. well i have lost my original Serial number and have had to use just a random one to be able to play the game, so i can't actually play on the xwis server, is there any other Private servers that are up yet?
  5. i know the main site say's "AWOS" is offline atm. but is there any other way to play other people online in TS:firestorm?
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