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  1. SyS

    Unauthorized Use of Maps

    Aro putting his foot down. Good ole aro.
  2. Such nostalgia here. Where you been killa Bundai
  3. Intresting design, Ill review later let you know how she runs. Bundai
  4. Rest in peice fellow gamer. SySAttic
  5. Don't know if its been reported, should of inboxed you really. bug on playersonline(); screenshot below/self explanatory
  6. Never really enjoyed/liked playing Rivals, Was too fast paced for my likings, Prefer tiberian sun always have done. -SyS
  7. Not a modem/firewall issue but keep getting failed to connect (cncnet) with the dta client v1.0.0.0 pics below
  8. Very intresting, good post @Noddynod443 looking forward to playing this when its completed. -SyS
  9. Here's some of my old work from 2012, very messy code, was basically used for testing the gamespy to generals protocol. And how i could use their methods for creating a private server (integrating with awos). GenServer
  10. Well I was trying to keep it a secret but developments going superb Currently on a mission to port/remake C&C tiberian sun to iPhone/iPad IOS(10.3 works fine)and am at the stage we're in looking for testers / developers to work on an android copy, im at the stage where im testing multiplayer compatibility: gonna keep this topic nice and short not going to release much on it but will post a few images when I get chance So hit me up on here or my inbox waiting to hear from you all -SyS
  11. Such a shame that users are still doing this,Suppose it will always be a factor in the online gaming community's. Never the less I do have some brilliant anti-spam anti-flood techniques I would love to share was great on AWOS when I tested it, I'll share code/doc when my wifi is up and running.. -SyS
  12. i remember the name akiller57 but not yours ha :D! Welcome back though. -SyS
  13. SyS


    Dont think i recall you brother, But thank you for posting Still having wifi problems at home at the moment, but their going to give me a few months free of charge :D!! They've activated everything all service checks come back as activated, But the DSL box isnt connected up correctly !! :@ So hopefully should be kicking @$$ shortly! -SyS
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