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  1. Hello, because I have (big) knowledge of WOL protocols I want to change one mistake which I have found here on your site. In your FAQ and Legal page you writed: This is not truth (at last not completely). Client (means the game which supports WOL gaming) which through installation process needs serial number to complete installation sends this SN to server when connecting WOL server. SN is used also in Game resolution protocol and it also client sends when creating new account through apiregister and servserv connection. The much more bad thing about that is, that Serial Number is UNENCRIPTED! This means that any WOL server admin can show your SN simply when will use some packet dumper or will just modify server to store serials. Im really sad because this makes big problems for all potential users of original games. To solve this use regedit to make backup of Westwood registry keys and than make changes of serials. When you will want to connect XWIS than just change your serial back from backup. Please dont search any point of attack from my side through. I just want to give knowledge about that for all of you which does not have WOL protocols knowladge. The Best regards Pelish
  2. pelish

    IRC for cnc-comm?

    My bad... I was mean OWN...
  3. pelish

    IRC for cnc-comm?

    I have not said that you must use PvPGN for IRC server services. I just say that it is an option. Anyways PvPGN as IRC server have also fallowing benefits - you can chat wia IRC client with WOL clients - you can administrate PvPGN trought IRC client - you can use one account for WOL and also IRC client I hope that you does not hate PvPGN. If so than Im here on wrong place. I will not developing any other WOL server because I have not time to do that. Im here because I do think that when you will use PvPGN for hosting your WOL server, it will be usefull for all of us. I will have active testing and you will have good WOL server with many features and active coding (of course will be nice if anyone from your comunity will coding it too). Anyways im not in oposit to use any IRC server network for better communication between us.
  4. pelish

    IRC for cnc-comm?

    It is not too special idea but I do think that at last when we does not have an working WOL server we should use some IRC server to better communication. Anyways we can use irc.freenode.net for that purpose, or just start our PvPGN server? Pelish
  5. SyS, You have found DWOL and you has tell me about it and about dataforce's wiki. Than you have also developed it. I was only find some released sources here, which seems to me as DWOL code (at last is Delphi coded). Im sorry for makin mistake. I really dont want to cause argument's. Anyways you has also find many interesting things in PvPGN and our wiki (which is lost btw). Anyways I never say that your code is based on PvPGN. Im just asking why you are not interested in PvPGN code which: - supports all WOL clients (in both protocol versions -WCHAT and also TSUN/RA/emperor...) - is much more complete - is with DB support Please be sure that I dont want to attack you in any point of view. Btw in my opinion in the most of our conversations you do think that. Pelish
  6. If im not totally wrong that AWOL is based on DWOL (dataforce's WOL server eulator). Anyways Im not sure why you losing your time with coding some emulator when here allready is some which works, supports MySQL (and other many databases) and is in active developmant. Anyways I know SyS. He has found some mysing server-replys, and knows WOL protocols as less of people on this planet Is nice that he is still interested of WOL. I wish that will make toons of good reverse-engeneering. Regards Pelish
  7. Well... the Sole Survivor will be big problem. First of all the game installed from CD-ROM is not possible to host a server. Official servers are down for a years so im not sure that you have some point where to start. Well... you can modify the list of hosted games and shows Sole Survivor game, but how to host server (handle game packets, sending it to all palyers) is lost. If there is any way which is hide for me than Im sorry, but I dont think that anyone will code reverse-engeneered server.
  8. Why you don't think?? Anywas I hope that some one will be interested in testing. There are many things which need about 4-8 players. For exemple there is real chance to make RedAlert 1 v 3.03 possible to play up to 8 players (by the same way as it is possible to play Tiberian Sun). Only one thing which I need is many testers. And btw PvPGN WOL support is going to be stable (at last I dont know about any bug for about half year).
  9. Good day all, first of all I would like to introduce myslef. I am interested of all CnC games. I am PvPGN developer. My big task is coding full featured Westwood Online server. At this moment we have coded support for all WOL supported games (Command & Conquer, Red Alert 1, RA2, Yuris Revenge, Renegade, Tiberian Sun/Firestorm, Emperor, Dune 2000, NOX/Quest) and also clans,buddys. Right now Im completing Ladders protocol backend - that is point where I want to ask you for support. I need to find how is counted "points" in WOL ladders. We will probalby need to get this from XWIS servers but it need to play for long time and Im bussy. Also if anyone will want to make testing/bug reporting PvPGN, I will be gladly. About PvPGN - PvPGN is open-souce gaming sever emulator coded in C/C++ programing language. It is multi-plaform so you can run it on BSD/nix/WIN systems. Maybe you can run it for your nice comunity? If you want to test one of servers which running PvPGN with WOL support, connect to Enderzone sever IP: Regards Pelish
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