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  1. There is one thing that would help alot the gameplay be a bit better : activate the veterancy system of C&CG (units get promoted after killing foes, and get better attack power and auto heal at vet 2). After playing mission 1 I found it annoying that the feature wasen't included even if it's not 100% old school.
  2. I have already started playing the mod with version 1.21. I'm waiting for further instructions.
  3. Well just contact me on sweln"@"hotmail"."com and we'll work it out
  4. Hello there, I have just seen your recent update on moddb and I'm very curious about all the work done on this mod so far. As for simple presentations I'm sweln, beta tester on Cold War Crisis (also on C&CGZh) for like 4-5 years now and I can give some help on balancing and gameplay issues. For a life I'm a French junior game designer in the video game industry and a lame level designer also, currently working on my own game with a reduced team of friends on Iphone because when you want to eat, well you make what it needs! Anyway I'd be very happy to test out this mod and try to find any little problems in it. I'm also much curious about seing with my own very eyes this 2.0 shader improvement on sage engine ^^ Looking forward in having news from you guys! sweln
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