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Tiberian Dawn Redux
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  1. I still got a lot to figure out but if I can get the campaigns replicated (as I am hoping to eventually do) the tech tree should remain faithful just as I did for TDR. I may still do subfactions for these other planned units too. Overall I don't wish for the mod to be a clone of The Red Alert and instead more of a hybrid of RA: A Path Beyond and C&C Renovatio (sadly the latter never released and is left unfinished) in its art style and unit design.
  2. I got some structures put together and animated including the RA MCV and ConYard. And also I did get the naval stuff working. Still needs full AI implementation though but the next release of Tiberian Dawn Redux will have this included as Tech Buildings. The yards also automatically rebuild if destroyed after 10 minutes thanks to using the GLA Hole code from Generals.
  3. Been doing more research and brainstorming for ideas. Yeah looks like the above tank is supposed to be depicted as a M41 Walker Bulldog. I initially considered it being a M47 Patton as they both have a very similar profile. However the M47 has six road wheels vs five on the M41. I also enhanced a frame from the same cutscene for comparison. And upon further thoughts, I am leaning more towards going for a more realistic tone for the game with the sides using early 1950's to early 1980's hardware. Also Soviets wont have reskins of American/Allied hardware such as the Chinook and Tanya and will instead get their own unique units. Like I did with TDR I also added all new units such as the Ontos Tank (modernized), the Comanche & Osprey aircraft, and the T-72 tank. I plan to do that to an extent as well for RA Redux and use some obscure real life vehicles that havent been featured much in games or other media. I still would like to make use of my M48 model somewhere but I can also delete the turret and turn it into a M247 Sgt. York armored AA vehicle as the Allied answer to the Soviet Mammoth Tank and its anti-air capability. I also plan to use some modified variant of a Soviet BMP, MTLB, or GMZ vehicle as an APC/Mine Layer to further differentiate its appearance from the Allied APC (an M113) and since the Chinese Helix in Generals is a Ka-27 in real life I don't see any issue with modifying it for the Soviets to replace their reskinned Chinook. And while its commonly accepted that the Abrams was the Medium Tank for both GDI an Allied forces in the two games, I am considering my M60-120S model posted above to swap in for the Allies tank.
  4. ***STATUS UPDATE FROM THE BATTLEFIELD*** Welcome Back Commanders & Generals! Since completing the original story campaign remaster back in 2017, C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux development did slow down during a hiatus period but the mod's development never truly ceased. Here is what to expect in the next release that will be coming soon for version 1.5! Over the past three and a half years the mod quietly underwent another visual overhaul with nearly all new terrain & shaders along with some updates to many of the models and textures with lots of extra details added to give more "final polish" to the mod. Some code changes and re-balancing work was done during this time based upon your feedback from the last release and work was also put forward to port the visual updates with the terrain and environment into the stock unmodded Generals/Zero Hour game maps as well. (release To Be Announced at a later date) A couple new upgrades will be in v1.5 such as the Mammoth Tank RailGuns along with adding and converting several additional Skirmish/Multiplayer & Community Maps. And lastly, while it is still a work in progress for AI implementation, the mod has added Naval Warfare! Nearly two dozen maps with islands or lots of water will be modified to have this feature enabled! This includes the original Generals/Zero Hour maps! (ZH Bombardment Beach Map Featured Below) This is the Tech Naval Yard that can build either a GDI GunBoat, Nod Missile Submarine, or an Amphibious Transport Hovercraft. This is all prototype content that will also be used in the future for the newly launched C&C Red Alert Redux mod! While GDI already has the missile equipped GunBoat with AA guns, Nod now has a stealthy submarine equipped with missiles to take out land and air targets along with torpedoes to take on other naval units.The unit is leftover from Nod's involvement with the former Soviet Union. (based on the Red Alert 1 Soviet victory) New Heal & Repair Radius Decals used as a visual aid for the APC's and Engineer's auto heal/repair ability previously introduced in v1.4. And lastly here is the new visual aid decals for the ConYard Build Radius. ConYard Build Radius Demo Clip - Mod DB With all this being said, we appreciate your continued support for this this mod and the new Red Alert Redux mod project. Until then, stay tuned for the next release! DOWNLOAD CURRENT RELEASE HERE TROUBLESHOOTING & FAQ's FACEBOOK PAGE ©2021 sgtmyers88 & the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Development Team
  5. Hey guys as I mentioned about a month ago in another post I recently started RA Redux. Using XCC Mixer (yes I got the latest version) I am having issues with the campaign cutscene videos getting corrupted or being a colorful mess during playback. I am extracting as the recommended .avi as I did for the TD videos. Also I cannot seem to find the map layouts for the RA missions and whatnot. I know in the past I used Nyerguds database as a reference which proved invaluable for finishing the TD Redux campaigns. Example: https://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cncstuff/mappics/n64-testmaps/sct15ea-nomap.png Is there a section for Red Alert that I am somehow missing?
  6. I know this is an extremely old post but thanks for the contributions. I just implemented this over the weekend. Looks good.
  7. Funny I went over that thread and saw the discussion about slapping on a turret from one tank to another. I recently made a model of such a thing that was done in real life. Its the M60-2000 tank. Looks pretty good in-game. It actually resembles that render quite closely. The real tank was 20 tons lighter than the M1 but possessed the same turret and gun. https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-generals-zero-hour/addons/m60-120s-tank-model-for-cc-generalszh-public-use I have quite a few unused models in my inventory which is the reason why I considered my Patton Tank model, but nothings finalized in the least. Also the Soviet side is getting new stuff and not a copy/paste reskin of American equipment the Allies use. (e.g. The M113 remodeled as a Minelayer and the Chinook Transport) Yeah I played it 15 years ago when it was new. It hasn't aged well. I almost did RA Redux due to that mod back then before I settled on doing TDR instead. I might look it up again for reference material at the least. I already got a much better attack dog animated in game too. I used my actual German Shepard for the texture.
  8. I have a lot of ideas in the works. It might still happen. I may even do both. Release RA Redux as a standalone mod with custom maps and a full Ore system working while also porting the factions alone to TDR in a patch using the remaining Generals SubFaction templates. Also I already got Attack Dogs working in-game that I will reveal shortly. I got a few things to sort out still. Same with Naval stuff which I haven't got coded and working yet. I have a lot of stuff I have been sitting on for quite a while behind the scenes.
  9. EDIT: The new mod profile is live! So long time no chat. lol 😀 Since finally completing the story campaigns for Tiberian Dawn Redux a couple years ago I have been repeatedly approached about carrying the mod over into the RA universe with a spinoff. I haven't decided if it will be a mini-mod type add-on built into TDR (think GDI/Nod vs. Allies/Soviets in skirmish) or a standalone project built off of the renovated C&C Generals SAGE engine TDR is now using. I know a lot of the assets and coding between the original TD and RA games is nearly the same so it would streamline development quite a bit. (looking into the original game files I noticed a lot of the art and audio assets are using the same filenames to confirm this) The biggest hurdles I have will be making a decent naval system, designing, coding, and animating attack dogs and then the Chronosphere stuff. I may also (as I did with TDR) consolidate the unit and structure tech tree and add unit upgrades and special abilities. (e.g. Engineers doubled as Mechanics and APC's doubled as Medics) So who wants Red Alert Redux? And I will say it will not be a 1:1 remake. As I did with TDR I aim to keep as much of the original wacky tech and atmosphere Westwood developed for TD and RA but also have a more realistic spin on it in both appearance and gameplay. I have been considering consulting with the former Cold War Crisis Mod Team and the guys behind Red Alert: A Path Beyond.
  10. I've been lurking for a while but now that the remasters are out and I got a better idea on what they contained, I decided to work on the Mod some more for perhaps one final update. Also... who wants to see Red Alert Redux? I know it was brought up a few times some years ago before the remasters were even thought of, but I figured now is the time to consider it now that work on TDR is winding down with the main campaigns completed. While it's still in the very early stages of development, Red Alert Redux is slowly being brought to life. I haven't decided if it will be a mini-mod type add-on built into TDR or a standalone project built off of TDR since a lot of the assets and coding is nearly the same. The biggest hurdles will be making a decent naval system, designing, coding, and animating attack dogs and then the Chronosphere stuff. As with TDR I do not plan to make it a 1:1 remake for both reasons regarding the limitations within Generals SAGE and personal artistic liberties. I may also (as I did with TDR) consolidate the unit and structure tech tree. (e.g. Engineers doubled as Mechanics and APC's doubled as Medics in the current mod)
  11. Hi sorry for the long delay in replying. Yes it is a Win 10 and/or EA Origin issue that seems to have screwed the use of the batch file launcher system. Its why I added and updated the file to the ModDB site so the mod can still be made playable until a fix is found.
  12. He was more than likely your introduction to C&C. Sadly this man died today. R.I.P. Eric Martin. AKA General Sheppard From Frank Klepacki's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/frankklepacki/photos/a.10152270147338730/10156135467323730/?type=3&theater;
  13. Glad to hear that fan projects will be unaffected by EA.
  14. Incredibly unexpected news! Though I cannot help but be cautiously optimistic.
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