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  1. Excellent! THANK YOU! EDIT: However it looks like my permissions need to be restored as well for locking/pinning/moving topics.
  2. Hey I was away for a few days and noticed the forum has been updated. I also saw the "General Discussion" section for this mod with all the useful info including the thread with missions TaxOwlbear was posting are completely gone. Any ideas?
  3. As silly and old school as it sounds, restart your machine after an install. This corrects the issues 99.9 percent of the time if the bug occurs.
  4. I have edited the launchers to read generals_origin, if anyone else here is using the Origin version of the games, see if they work correctly. If so I will add it to moddb as a hotfix download.
  5. It might have been the third party shaders or the 1920 1080 resolution mode that caused the crash if it still did it after a clean install. Deleting options.ini completely in the my documents generals folder also help reset the settings. EDIT: Also delete that extra d3d8.dat and d3d8.cfg, I don't know how you got those extras created but they shouldn't be in there. It should just be either .dat or .dll not both nor a config file. Thats why its probably crashing on higher settings asit is part of the advanced shaders. You should also run the Repair ZH utility that was also included with the mod.
  6. Next thing is can you explain exactly what process you did to get it to work? Just renaming the files or something else? Also since it's also an application file make sure to right click and set the winxp compatibility mode for it as well or the videos wont play for the missions.
  7. Wow! You can thank EA for fudging up the C&C games once again with their brilliant Origin system. Glad I stuck with making a digital backup of my TFD disk so I can install the games from my 2TB external drive. So is it generals_origin.exe or just generals_origin? I will have to update the launcher files with that info so it can find and read it properly. Please post screenshots if possible.
  8. And now with the rollout of Windows 10 complete it only made things worse.
  9. Haha well done. You basically did a digital form of what is known in the old school film and animation world as a kitbash. (when models and practical effects were still widely used) I have actually often done the same thing with 3D models.
  10. Ha I forgot I had that outtakes song saved on my system years ago. Just found it again. I might have to find use for it in my Mod.
  11. And if you want to try something different there is this mod featured in my signature with a fully functioning skirmish AI which I developed myself. Along with a couple dozen campaign missions. I used to do comp stomps with the beta testers years ago when there was an actual team working on the Mod. You can get it here:
  12. Huh strange.
  13. Since various old C&C fansites such as C&C Files, C&C DEN, and of course Filefront went to meet the file repository system in the sky several years ago, what other major site (besides ModDB) remain for file hosting and downloads for Mods and the like? A lot of people lately are complaining that ModDB is throttling/corrupting file downloads or something to that extent. Fileplanet also has been giving this error for the past few months when you try to access the file downloads. Gamefront is also slated to be canned too apparently. Feel free to post links to alternatives in this thread.
  14. You mean "REALLY EXPLOSIVE" in all caps, mind you. lol