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  1. I don't see it redundant as it was meant to explain how this situation came into existence. 1. Each side captured an MCV of the opposite side 2. both sides sent troops to persuade the other side to free their MCV and to show strength 3. GDI had faster more troops available, so Nod used fake units instead. Thus for Nod this is nothing else than a big bluff. 4. The player is presented with this situation and has to solve it. At this point the briefing should describe the points 1-3 and explain the player how this situation came about. 5. The player is informed that more reinforcements for both sides are on their way (which will surely escalate the situation).
  2. Ok, but then you have to reduce on another point the briefing about 5 characters.
  3. Yep, your briefing is better. Unfortunately is yours too long. My briefing is already one character too long, thus the game ignores the exclamation mark at the end. (DOS shows nothing and SVGA106 shows a strange sign) Yours is already cut of in the middle of the last sentence. "Both sides are rapidly sending troops in and it's a miracle that the situation hasn't escalated yet" I also wanted this to be in the past, as both sides have sent the troops and don't do it anymore, to explain the situation with the two big front lines with which you start the map.
  4. Thanks, that helped. I'll test it when i have some time. I was using this already and the superfast scrolling was still present. However, pichorras hint about the Video Back Buffer helped. Even if videos and menus seem to load a bit longer and show some slight lags when the game fades from one to the next screen. That's ok. For me it was also just a more elaborate testmap for the triggered money transfer technique.
  5. yeah, but unfortunately is the scroll speed too fast even on the lowest setting. In 640x400 on the biggest map size i only have to move the cursor for a millisecond to the screenborder and the game scrolls to the complete opposite side of the map. The only way to get around this is by using the minimap and i'm not fond of that way. Well and finally gives DOS TD the nice nostalgic feeling.
  6. Ah, damn spelling Do you tested the map and noticed the C17 bug ingame? In the beginning of my C17 reinforcement tests i noticed this too, but after i gave the C17 team the Unload command, the problem was mainly fixed. The only time where this still could happen is, if several C17s try to deliver their cargo at the same time. Only the first one delivers the cargo and the other will either circle a bit around in midair until the airfield is free or sometimes attack a visible enemy unit. I doubt that, because it needs to be assigned to a certain player and i'm not sure if you can trigger an action for a certain player on MP maps. In addition does this work only if the player has no airfield, because it involves a reinforcement C17 that refunds the cargounit when it can't find an airfield. Thus a Nod player would get the unit delivered instead of the bounty. In addition does TD has no "if any unit is killed" Trigger and only a "number of units killed" Trigger, which stays "true" once the limit is reached and this way firing constantly the bounty action. For this map i assigned a "Destroyed" trigger to every unit placed on the map, so you get the bounty when the unit is destroyed. And such a trigger can't be automatically assigned to new build units.
  7. My favorite map so far as it includes 2 new, unique features. 1. You get some Credits for every killed soldier until your mcv arrives. 2. You get C17 Cargoplane reinforcements, once you've captured the Nod airfield. I wrote about these new techniques on tibweb in my AI Trigger Collection topic. LKO_BountyHunter_scg55ea.zip
  8. A fun map with several different colored enemies. This map is unique as the only way to get some money are regular transfers of small amounts of credits on your account. (No Tiberium harvesting possible/necessary) LKO_HillDefense_scg98ea.zip
  9. And another Hard Map. The second map with an AI MCV, that first moves to the final location, deploys there and builds up a big base. EDIT\ map updated with new briefing. LKO_HostageExchange_scb56ea.zip
  10. Another, a long while ago, finished TD map. It's a very hard map (even with the sandbagged bridge), with lots of teams for the GDI enemy (including Orca air attacks). Hint1: Don't go too far to the east with your commando and engineers, or Orcas will attack you. (The bones show the death zone ) Hint2: in the Southeast edge is a small Refinery outpost, which should be captured (defend it well with SAMs ) LKO_DesertRun_scb53ea.zip
  11. Thank you. It's great to see some people still playing TD.
  12. That's so awesome to see someone else playing my map. The guard tower was a good surprise wasn't it?
  13. Another very old map, which had a nasty bug, that i wasn't able to fix until i recently spend some time in trigger testing. On this map you get all types of reinforcements at the same time : Ground: -Tanks, Rocket Launcher Humvees etc (see picture 2) Sea: -using Hovercrafts sending infantry and tanks (see picture 3,5, Air: -using transport helicopter to send a commando team (see picture 5) -A10s to take out base defenses and units (see picture 4,5) -Orcas to take out enemy units (see picture 6,7) LKO_HardInvasion_scg54ea.zip
  14. I played through this mission already multiple times, also with saving and loading in between, and never had problems. I always played in DOS TD.
  15. Quote from the first post "hint: destroy the power plants from the Northern Base to deactivate the Obelisks." All the southern buildings belong to Nod and they are all too well defended in the beginning so you shouldn't try to attack/destroy/capture them. The path along which you have to go is imo also quite clear, since the obelisks don't allow many different ways, so you have to go to the centre, where you get some reinforcments (engineers) and then along the east border to get into the northern base behind the Obelisks at the main double-bridge entrance. (on your way you can also capture the Hand of Nod and powerplant in the forrest) The only place where you might lose a unit is in the small civil town where you have to go south along a wooden fence and come for a short period in firing range of an obelisk. But for that you have some heavyly damaged minigunner which you can sacrifice, so that the 2 commandos and delphi can pass unharmed.
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