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  1. MX mod maps

    Thank you for the reports! I appreciate the use of the report system, as I can't read every single post that's written. You can also give me a @Ferret mention as well. To repeat what Grant said, please keep it civil. There are a lot of people besides the ones who post here, who can actually read it. Let the game talk.
  2. wtf are you doing to the game?????????

    Closed. Refrain from posting in this manner. Consider this a friendly warning.
  3. Modifying A Classic

    Not bad. I think editing the game itself with different rules isn't exactly "treason" as you put it, as the game is pretty much freeware now. It's fairly common for this to happen to other games well. If you're interested, I did do the same to Red Alert as well. You've probably heard of it. Tiberian Alert - been working on it for years. Feel free to take some ideas and inspiration from it.
  4. Yes, it's on the main thread. I'll also start using Github for this as well to better manage changes.
  5. I understand, but just keep it a little more civil on the forums. They're not the only ones who can read the thread.
  6. Can y'all chill before I start polishing my hammer.
  7. Version 2.0 is up. Follow the thread for more updates and content! Cheers.
  8. Don't remember the last time I went 3 ref. As for that, when did I say that?
  9. To my knowledge, the 6 player OOS issues have always been there. But as of late, I've noticed they've been definitely more common than normal. As for contacting, Funky would be your guy.
  10. I don't know about automatically, but if anyone reports it. I will look into it and see if a mute is appropriate.
  11. Probably because we're having a lot of OOS issues when playing with 6 players. It's very hit or miss. Sometimes you'll get a full game, but sometimes you'll get half way and get rekt by an OOS. You're still able to host games with 6 players, it hasn't been disabled per se.
  12. New website released

    That's what's up.
  13. Most Useless Unit in C&C?

    I'd have to say the Radar Jammer from RA1.