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  1. I think I played for a little bit, then completed the gold medal. Then that was really it. RA is pretty garbage, so.
  2. Andrew. I don't even play RA at all, so I don't understand what that has anything to do with TD.
  3. This speculation over literally less than a hand full of games gets really old. There's a reason why many of these players don't ever respond to these threads. It's even worse because 95% of the "facts" that I read aren't even true. But whatever gets your boat sailin' I guess. Carry on.
  4. Gold Medal Challenge - Medal Reportings

    Not giving out necessarily, but I can award you one!
  5. Play red alert 1 online broken forever?

    In reference to Tiberian Alert, no. The "Slow Tanks Mod" was actually a separate project. In fact, I ended up ditching that completely and me, White, and Lovehandles ended up starting TA. And yes, TA was originally going to be a rebalanced RA. But I did find that it didn't pick up any interest to players. It ended up being a mix of TD/RA as well as some gimmicks that I found to not be strategically beneficial to it, hence the uncrushable infantry. Another reason why I removed infantry being able to be crushed. The fact that tanks were the only "good" option was pretty lame, in my opinion, and as well as it seems to many. TA solves a lot of the issues discussed in this thread, and I think it's more enjoyable than RA, and even TD.
  6. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

  7. (Wht)Eventide

    Agreed tenfold. Valid point. I will never understand why players get shutdown in some of the threads that I read. Some players, including myself, get essentially talked down to for literally a match or two that they played. Speaking of which, if this continues furthermore in regards to berating players on the forums, it will result in disciplinary action.
  8. (Wht)Zodiac - 2v2

    Here's the RA version I just completed. Enjoy! The first upload is the original without rules, so you can add any sort of modifications you'd like to the map. Second one is Tiberian Alert v2.6! zodiac.MPR TA_zodiac.MPR
  9. @BluySY Would you be able to upload the .ini and .bin for me please? I'd like to convert this over to TA.
  10. Production speeds for structures/units

    Nicely done.
  11. Spirit of design (funkyfresh)

    There is a reason why the report button exists. Use it.
  12. 2 Refinery into War Factory, then 2-3 Humvees, then you normalize.
  13. @chem This is unneeded. Absolutely childish, and quite embarrassing if you ask me. I'm very disappointed. Knock it off.
  14. Reporting death threats =)

    @Grant Yeah, I'll take care of it. @puzzabug For now, please ignore this player.