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  1. Ferret

    Ferret's Map Workshop

    @AchromicWhite That wouldn't be a bad idea! I mean, the map itself wouldn't be too hard to replicate since there isn't too much detail, as well as it being a smaller map. I'll whip it up here soon. Let me know if you want to have some TA games, just message me on Steam.
  2. Ferret

    Ferret's Map Workshop

    @AchromicWhite Yeah! It took about an hour or so. I was procrastinating quite a bit, lol. I think I did Zodiac awhile back too. I'll end up putting that in here as well.
  3. @toxic Yes. Download Red Alert 1, then drop the Tiberian Alert folder from the .ZIP into your maps folder!
  4. @X3M I could definitely look into more faction specific changes, for sure. Although, I wouldn't know exactly what to do with that because we only have so many unit tags to utilize. As for your suggestion, I think it's solid at the moment now. I did take these things into consideration when I was designing the faction bonuses. I appreciate the compliment!
  5. Ferret

    Map Whitelist requests

    @FunkyFr3sh Here's all the TA maps. 42eaed5d0ec70f387b0374f9d0b509d8be3c36bc 123b92eb1f3642ad01b46e854a8f5e5f20a25636 782dd3c57656e4b8d0917cb95b65002463cc3962 fe2ce1f107030dc27896a9d9e4ec9033c34c3e1b 6819d5c3dc8c045a1aba733c189ae34383d1af1e 23d8a14d2751e5187804555e6e391a29d7edb190 57614ca11e61af64fb9105a12342ef49cb2215c5 0c2c5ead489aca1e1307427221b8c6675cb6a6d3 7500edf93bf45ee73913bdaeef20bced8f8c800f b8e6b5a78607d4c61b6f43dea3a8b4e970dc4dd5 aaaa8b89051d3d70e1a7302463f87f353f199438 15b200983b38fc259bac5acd7361e0e2d1b28673 7716fb8cdab773def686db6e0068e56954ca18f9 2189e6a5db08fbabc96e97080b76b9196a57decb c24cfdc9ec9cbaa3d04d051efe01738e38d3e35e ab869d481abbbbf8a30bba65af57bf5912971757 3fa7adf5eab75da9b057419ba38ce6edbef9d662 ec830358ef4aeacb0760564f71acedc0a6e05d4d 75060684602aaa10fc0303178d9abc11a757b6fd d180157d8bda6e6de3a7b28c4c07f54837992ef2 f9c1555c2155f5e83287666253fced3eb39f1c9f ac3b67bf5e154babb460074d2abc081c2351c7e0
  6. Map pool complete. Previews are available as well.
  7. Tiberian Alert version 2.8 is now up for download! Find it on the main thread. You can also click here: TA_v2.8.zip I'll also include the map pool here as well, working on that now. Patch notes coming as well.
  8. Ferret

    Ferret's Map Workshop

    Map previews for my Tiberian Dawn maps have been updated, now including Blistering Sands 2 now obviously. The download is now available now as well.
  9. Ferret

    Ferret's Map Workshop

    All my Tiberian Dawn to Red Alert map previews have been updated. The download link is now there as well. The maps do not have Tiberian Alert rules, but you're welcome to use any of these maps to your liking! Even @cn2mc's maps have been updated with their respective color on neutral structures. KE is used to note "Keen Edition" which means it's not exactly original. The edit is intended to help with Tiberian Alert gameplay.
  10. Ferret

    Ferret's Map Workshop

    Going to be using this thread again. Forgot that I had it!
  11. Ferret

    TD to RA Map Conversion Project

    I will redirect you all to my workshop. I forgot that I had this thread. I'll be using that one instead. Click here to transfer over to my main map thread.
  12. Ferret

    TD to RA Map Conversion Project

    @AchromicWhite (WHT) Trichotomy is complete. Playable area is 1:1 scale. trich.MPR
  13. Ferret


    Currently recreating this map in the RA engine on my live stream at the time of this post.
  14. Currently working on the map pool.