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  1. To my knowledge, the 6 player OOS issues have always been there. But as of late, I've noticed they've been definitely more common than normal. As for contacting, Funky would be your guy.
  2. I don't know about automatically, but if anyone reports it. I will look into it and see if a mute is appropriate.
  3. Probably because we're having a lot of OOS issues when playing with 6 players. It's very hit or miss. Sometimes you'll get a full game, but sometimes you'll get half way and get rekt by an OOS. You're still able to host games with 6 players, it hasn't been disabled per se.
  4. That's what's up.
  5. I'd have to say the Radar Jammer from RA1.
  6. Jacko, new version pls.
  7. Port 8054, protocol UDP should work just fine.
  8. Hello everyone, Let's try and keep the thread civil, because I don't want to scuff my newly polished hammer. Now, I will be looking into this. Cheers.
  9. I do play on 1280x720 on both TD, and RA1. There are some slight advantages and disadvantages to each resolution, but honestly it's just preference in the end. I can give you more insight on what I mean if you'd like.
  10. He always talked about C&C on his dailies. Hoping he'll find out about CnCNet. I did leave a comment on the video as well, feel free to give it a like.
  11. This kind of behavior is not tolerated around here. Consider this your warning.
  12. Congratulations to Faust! I have awarded his medal to him. Cheers.
  13. I would say just remove the Sandbags and Chain Link Fence and just keep the Concrete Walls in. Not only that too, but it clears up the sidebar for more other important structures.
  14. MLRS to Comm. Center, GDI only. SSM requires Temple tech. Artillery rotation speed increased. Chem Troopers to Comm. Center tech. Increase paper Weapons Factory health. Match Rocket Soldier speed with Minigunner's speed, cost stays the same. I think the Construction Yard is good at the moment. Thoughts?
  15. Closed.