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  1. Ferret

    Streaming Tiberium Dawn

    @trunkskgb Copy these settings exactly and run OpenGL and it should work no problem. Obviously put whatever resolution you wish to use.
  2. Ferret

    Looking to purchase a new computer..help?

    Looks good to me. Malwarebytes is a great direction to turn to.
  3. Ferret

    Streaming Tiberium Dawn

    @Sentinel12 What's the URL to your stream? I'll get your channel added. Streaming Tiberian Dawn Objective 1: Configure Tiberian Dawn settings Objective 2: Create a Display Capture source (layer) on OBS Objective 1 Start: Configuring the settings 1. Run the launcher 2. Click Settings 3. Change the Renderer under the drop-down menu to "OpenGL" 4. Proceed to "Advanced settings" NOTE: You can also access game settings once you're on the CnCNet client in the top-left [Settings] -> [Tiberian Dawn] Objective 1 Continued: Configuring the settings Copy these settings exactly. 1. Check "Use CnC-DDraw (enables advanced options)" 2. Check "Custom" 3. Enter in 1024 x 576 NOTE: 1024x576 is a 16:9 ratio and will scale perfectly with your 1080p display (1920x1080, 16:9). 4. Check "Stretch to custom resolution:" 5. Enter in 1920x1080 6. Under the "Scaling filter:" drop-down menu, select the "xbrz-freescale" filter 7. Check "Interpolate (smooth)" 8. Check "Back buffer in video Memory" 9. Check "Automatically adjust mouse sensitivity to resolution" Objective 1 Complete: Configuring the settings Objective 2 Start: Adding a Display Capture source 1. Click this button here (Add Source) 1. Select "Display Capture" 1. Select your main display (the monitor you'll be playing the game on) NOTE: If you have only 1 monitor, there will only be 1 available selection. 1. Make sure the layer is visible Objective 2 Complete: Adding a Display Capture source End result: Great mouse response, no lag while streaming, and clear visuals to both yourself and the end user on Twitch.
  4. Ferret

    Aftermath Maps

    If the install was recent, they're in there. Check under Category, then select Aftermath. If you're looking for a very specific custom map, I can recover it for you. Just let me know.
  5. Ferret

    How can I get more than 4 players on same network

    Is every system in that home connected to the same router? Whether or not it's a physical or wireless connection, doesn't matter in this case. As long as you are all on the same network, you'll be okay. After that, run the LAN mode and you'll be good to go.
  6. Ferret

    Ferret's Map Workshop

    Yeah it turned out quite nicely.
  7. Ferret


    Right! I always forget that it's an option.
  8. Ferret

    Looking to purchase a new computer..help?

    That price range is plenty enough to get what you’re trying to achieve. I can compile a list of components for you that you can order.
  9. Ferret

    Understanding Map Design

    Despite its long read, I'd encourage you to read the whole entire thing. It really helps put a different perspective on map making, and how much of a powerful tool that it can be.
  10. Ferret

    Streaming Tiberium Dawn

    You're welcome. Feel free to hop into our Discord as well: https://discord.gg/cAshNrE If you have any other questions about OBS, let me know.
  11. Ferret

    Streaming Tiberium Dawn

    Yes. Scale the game to your native resolution and run a monitor capture.
  12. Ferret

    (Wht)Rush Down Rampage

    Download is on my workshop: HERE!
  13. Ferret


    Download is on my workshop: HERE!
  14. Ferret

    (Wht)Zodiac - 2v2

    Download is on my workshop: HERE!