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  1. Yes. It'd definitely be safe to use something similar, close, or even exact to the Red Alert 2 build queue system. Queuing up buildings is definitely great too. OpenRA did this, which is one thing I liked from their UI. Also, increasing queues in great increments, depending on whether I'm holding <Shift> or <Ctrl>. For example, <Shift> gives increments of 5, while <Ctrl> gives increments of 25.
  2. TL;DR South-advantage needs to be fixed More options for micro-management Building/unit queues and rally points for production structures Attack Move commands Little things like south-advantage need to go. For example, a unit that is the from the south will actually get a range bonus, mostly because of the nature of where the projectile leaves the unit, I speculate. As for the question at hand, I would implement more controls options for control groups. For example... If I have a group of units selected, and I want to add to my current selection, I'd simply hold <Shift> and box a set of unselected units. Now these selected units are one selection. Currently, you have to either hold <Shift> and then click them individually, or add them to a control group that you've created with <Shift+X> then <Ctrl+X>. Another thing I liked about later games (Tiberian Sun, for example) is that I could select a specific unit type that I've selected with <T>. Let's say I want to select all of my Grenadiers on my screen. I'd select a Grenadier, and press <T>. Now every single Grenadier in my vision is selected. This is a good way to organize armies, and makes it much smoother. Jumping from position to position, in terms of your camera location. Maybe I would like to jump to control group 1. At the moment, it's <Alt+1>. Maybe having something simple like double tapping <1> brings me to that control group. It makes multi-tasking much easier. Lastly, I would say building/unit queues are a definite yes. The game is definitely more enjoyable when you're actually fighting your opponent, microing against them, and just overall focusing on the battle at hand. Rally points for production structures are definitely welcome as well. I'll reiterate this. I think it would be wise to have some sort of option where these quality-of-life changes can be toggled on and off, whether that be in some sort of game menu option, or even in the lobby before the game starts. One more thing as well before I forget, sometimes I just wanna YOLO into their army. Attack Move command, done and done. Also, units should target structures on their own rather than needing manual targeting. Maybe find a happy medium with whether or not they should prioritize certain units, defensive structures, etc. Vouches @Mortisanti I'd definitely vouch for Mortisanti's idea about path-finding. Worded perfectly. @X3M Although I do think squishing is inherently a part of C&C, I do believe greatly that it is a gimmick that should not be in any RTS whatsoever. There are rule-sets for RA1 that have this "feature" removed entirely. RA1's current balance state is not healthy in any way, especially for the longevity of the remaster post-release. Yes there will be sales, but once people start to realize how the game is truly played in its current state, they will be quick to depart. Now that's solely my opinion. Obviously balance changes with the spirit of a remaster in mind, is not appropriate. There are ways around this, for example, a simple toggle button to either turn on or off these balance changes.
  3. I actually like the second map design you declared.
  4. My first completed mega map. These take quite a while to make. Finished it in about 4 hours and 30 minutes. TA rule set is already on there. It plays decently well. You definitely have to be a little bit more aware of your building placement in comparison to some other maps. Infantry are great in areas with not much room. You definitely have to change your play style while on this map, as well as being a little bit more aware of your spending... since there's definitely not as much ore in some areas. Depending on where you spawn, you'll have to start out a certain way. Aesthetically, not my proudest of work. Feel free to leave any thoughts, comments, or feedback! Cheers. TA_bunkerhill.MPR
  5. Ferret

    Tiberian Alert v3.0 Patch Notes

    Tesla Tank hotfix, as well as a buff for the Demo Truck.
  6. Ferret


    The pumpkins are just too damn strong!
  7. Ferret

    Cave map RA1

    Seems legit. I like it.
  8. You know there's an issue when you have to make maps specifically for mirror matches only.
  9. Patch notes are up. Download is up. Working on the map pool preview on the main thread.
  10. Special Weapons - Chronosphere has been added. - Chronosphere does not kill cargo within an APC. - Iron Curtain has been added. - Nuclear Missile cooldown has been reduced by 50%. Warheads - SA warhead damage reduction against 'none' armor type (100% -> 85%). - HE warhead damage reduction against 'none' armor type (90% -> 65%). - AP warhead spread reduced from 4 to 3, as well as a damage reduction against 'none' armor type (75% -> 45%). - Fire warhead damage reduction against 'none' armor type (90% -> 65%), as well as a damage reduction against 'concrete' armor type (50% -> 30%). Silo Storage capacity increased to 1000 from 350. Refinery Cost reduced to $1000. Storage capacity increased to 1000 from 0. Radar Dome Is now a tech structure for heavily armored vehicles (tanks, etc). Now costs $4000. Minigunner Cost reduced to $50. Rocket Soldier Cost reduced to $150. HP increased to 75 from 50. Mechanic Cost increased to $1000. Heal range increased to 6. Engineer Cost reduced to $250. Medic Heal range increased to 6. MLRS Damage reduced to 35. ROF increased. Fires in a burst of 2. Harvester Speed decreased to 7. Cost reduced to $1000. Transport Helicopter Cost reduced to $250 from $1500. Ranger Buggy removed for consistency between factions. Still the same unit, just vanilla RA graphics. Cost increased to $500. Damage increased to 20. Increased range to 5. No changes were made. Chronosphere Now available for Corps. Is available after completion of a Bio-lab. Once built, Chrono Tanks become available for production. Costs $5000. Cooldown is 4. Grants superweapon of: teleportation Flamethrower Cost reduced to $125. HP reduced to 50. Shock Trooper HP decreased from 350 to 75. Cost decreased from $500 to $250. Damage decreased from 100 to 50. Chrono Tank New unit, requires the Chronosphere to be built. HP: 500 Speed: 2 Cost: $2000 Armor type: concrete Special ability: can teleport anywhere on the map with vision Special ability cooldown: 1 Weapon: Stinger, fires 2 laser-guided missiles V2 Rocket Launcher Speed decreased from 4 to 2. Yak Strider Now fires an AOE fire warhead, rather than its original anti-tank missiles. Flame Tank Speed decreased from 5 to 4. Now has 'concrete' armor type. Rocket Tank Now requires the Radar Dome. Armor type changed from 'light' to 'heavy'. Speed decreased from 10 to 6. Light Tank Now requires the Radar Dome. Tesla Tank Speed decreased from 4 to 2. Damage decreased to 125. Range decreased to 5. Cost increased to $2000. Stealth Tank Returned to the Corps. Can be produced after completion of a Radar Dome. No changes were made. Iron Curtain New structure, can be built after Bio-lab. Grants superweapon of: invincibility Strong in conjunction with MAD Tanks. Cost: $2500 Cooldown: 2 Grenadier Cost reduced to $100. Medium Tank Now requires the Radar Dome. Speed decreased from 4 to 3. Mammoth Tank Now fires HE missiles against infantry and aircraft as its secondary attack. HP increased from 950 to 1000. Artillery Speed decreased from 4 to 2. Nuclear Mine Layer Cost increased from $1000 to $2000. Now carries 5 mines. Nuclear Demo Truck Speed increased to 10. Armor type is now 'concrete'. HP increased to 750. Cost increased to $1750. MiG Bomber Now fires armor-piercing missiles, rather than its original fire AOE attack. MAD Tank Talon now has access to the MAD Tank after the Bio-lab is complete. Takes 51% of the HP of all units within a radius of 20 cells. Good in conjunction with an Iron Curtain. No changes were made. Bug Fixes None. Known Bugs None.
  11. Version 3 patch notes and so forth are being worked on. Tidying up the map pool as well.
  12. Ferret

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    Interesting to say the least...
  13. Ferret

    Why do people still play TD when there's DTA?

    Different engine, different feel.