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  1. I can put the 35 points on your new account if you'd like.
  2. Tiberian Alert v2.7 Patch Notes

    Yeah, there's some on my channel. Although not as of late. I could do a write-up of the story, but other than an actual campaign. That isn't in the works nor will it be in the near future.
  3. Tiberian Alert v2.7 Patch Notes

    Yeah, me and Lovehandles did some play testing with the new MLRS and it's a lot better now. At first, once we settled things down with figuring out how to deal with infantry in the start. Now it has become more about air. Although even then, as we play more, we're starting to figure out how to defeat air as well. It's absolutely a great dynamic so far, and I love it. I really hope the mod does start to pick up some more players as well. And cheers to that!
  4. Terrain All units travel at the same speed no matter the surface. Macro Universal build time back to default. Special Weapons Nuke cooldown greatly increased. Also increased damage to 9999 from 2500. Warheads SA and HE damage significantly reduced against concrete armor types. Silo Storage capacity decreased to 350 from 2500. Construction Yard Storage capacity increased to 500 from 0. Refinery No longer stores money. Bio-research Laboratory No longer stores money. Cost increased to 4000 from 2500. Tech Center No longer stores money. Cost increased to 4000 from 2500. Neutral FCOM No longer depletes power when captured. Concrete Wall Increased durability. Turret Increased HP to 750 from 400. Damage increased to 70 from 55. AA Gun Damage increased to 55 from 30. Weapon range decreased to 8 from 10. Minigunner HP increased to 80 from 55. Rocket Soldier HP increased to 50 from 35. Mechanic Both factions have access after a Service Depot is built. MLRS Cost reduced to 750 from 800. ROF increased to 25 from 75. Warhead changed to AP from HE. HP increased to 250 from 110. Armor type changed to heavy. APC Cost increased to 750 from 600. HP increased to 500 from 400. Now fires an HE cannon. Harvester Speed increased to 9 from 4. No changes were made. Flame Turret Now is able to shoot over walls. No changes were made. Rocket Tank Corps now have access to the Rocket Tank. Cost increased to 650 from 500. Yak Strider Damage decreased to 45 from 90. Cost reduced to 1500 from 2500. Flame Tank Fixed sight range. Light Tank Cost increased to 800 from 600. Damage increased to 35 from 30. HP increased to 600 from 400. Speed increased to 5 from 4. Armor type is now concrete. V2 Rocket Launcher Cost increased to 1000 from 750. HP increased to 250 from 100. Apache HP increased to 250 from 150. Tesla Tank HP increased to 1000 from 750. Armor type is now concrete. No changes were made. No changes were made. No changes were made. Medium Tank Cost increased to 1000 from 800. Damage increased to 45 from 40. HP increased to 750 from 475. Armor type is now concrete. Mammoth Tank HP increased to 950 from 850. Damage increased to 55 from 50. No longer has a secondary attack. Armor type is now concrete. Orca HP increased to 250 from 190. Cost decreased to 1000 from 1200. Damage increased to 60 from 40. Artillery Cost increased to 1250 from 800. HP increased to 250 from 100. Nuclear Mine Layer New unit after Bio. Costs 1000 credits. Has 1 mine to lay down before needing to rearm at a Service Depot. The mine is a nuke that sets off once an enemy unit travels near it. Stealth Tank Talon now has access to the Stealth Tank after the Radar Dome is complete. No changes were made. Bug Fixes FCOM depleting power once captured. Known Bugs None.
  5. Unanimous Change

    Not tolerated here. See you in 5 days.
  6. Understanding Map Design

    I micro my harvesters every game. Just do it as they pop out of the refinery.
  7. A good OS other then windows ?

    @dkeeton @Plokite_Wolf Keep it down will ya?
  8. Using a Custom Map

    Did you ever get this completed White?
  9. Gold Medal Challenge - Medal Reportings

    Not giving out necessarily, but I can award you one!
  10. Viceroids - new CnCNet checkbox?

  11. (Wht)Eventide

    Agreed tenfold. Valid point. I will never understand why players get shutdown in some of the threads that I read. Some players, including myself, get essentially talked down to for literally a match or two that they played. Speaking of which, if this continues furthermore in regards to berating players on the forums, it will result in disciplinary action.
  12. (Wht)Zodiac - 2v2

    Here's the RA version I just completed. Enjoy! The first upload is the original without rules, so you can add any sort of modifications you'd like to the map. Second one is Tiberian Alert v2.6! zodiac.MPR TA_zodiac.MPR
  13. @BluySY Would you be able to upload the .ini and .bin for me please? I'd like to convert this over to TA.
  14. Production speeds for structures/units

    Nicely done.