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  1. I didn't know this was still a 'popular' thing. It's winter break and I'm halfway done with my junior year of college. Busy, busy. I just happened to find these missions still in my C&C95 folder. I'll have a look over them later and see if I can finish this. (I'll also have to see if ol' Nyerguds has made any new toys to play with...)
  2. Thanks, I noticed the APCs GDI made wouldn't store any units. I'll probably reinforce them using chinooks. But that's not an error really, since I don't use the unload command for their teamtype. The problem right now is that GDI's teams don't make it to my base. Sometimes they don't even move to their next waypoint.
  3. As said, it's a beta map. No briefing planned yet. I'm not too worried about author lines, either. Nice tip on the chinooks, but since the other method already words I'll go with that. And, for the "20" method, I'd want them to stop and attack anything the player has going to their base.
  4. Beta test this mission and find out why C&C95 pathfinding sucks. I probably made an error somewhere in the teamtype commands. scb45ea.zip
  5. I dunno, it still looks too bright to me. Might just be me though.
  6. That lime green is way too bright to blend with the other tiles.
  7. Had to put the map in the same directory as ccmap. :/
  8. I don't know why, but in CCWMap (the one from the downloads section on this site) I cannot load any singleplayer missions (but scg02ea.ini worked) or any missions I create that have the DESERT/WINTER terrain set. When I change the terrtain type to TEMPERATE, the file loads, but the map becomes messed up. Why is this happening? When I used this before (last year) I was able to load everything perfectly.
  9. Perhaps not. In fact, even Kane may not agree with the alternate timeline. But that's the only hint I'm giving for my plans.
  10. Interesting, that explains why I'm not seeing any triggers for sleeping buildings in scg05. Thanks!
  11. Decided to forego Egypt, leaving the mission spread at 6 Nod, 6 GDI. Here's a teaser of the second mission: http://oi61.tinypic.com/rh0kxw.jpg http://oi60.tinypic.com/svp5ig.jpg "You made it through, good. Unfortunately we could only send you a single MCV, but that may be the only catalyst you need. GDI is about to seize control of Estonia. Quietly build a new base on the opposite end of the shore, and wipe out those scoundrels. In the name of Kane!" In this mission, GDI still gets hovercraft reinforcements, and your build level is so low that you can't build beyond a Comm Center or Engineer. It's a tough mission, especially with the teams GDI creates. Patience is key.
  12. I know that will show if it works or not, but why? What does the 1 do? Also, random question, what makes a base "sleep" until it's discovered? (e.g. Must find old base)
  13. From what I gather, Nod took over Egypt before GDI invaded Europe. I was going to have Nod defend their position in Egypt first, but an alternative is to have the player show up in the middle of GDI 02 and defend the base that's being blown to bits. GDI's reaction to a sudden Nod presence like that would probably mean a focus on invading from the east, through Ukraine. Thus, Nod Mission 4 (which could become 3). Dr. Mobius is a critical plot device who will lead GDI to discover Nod's hand in this alternate timeline, and the second half of the campaign would shift to a GDI perspective of undoing the damage. The final mission would be a reverse of Nod Mission 1, where GDI must destroy the technology center within 20 minutes and prevent Nod from even using their time machine. (The mission before the final would be GDI taking control of Nod's time machine from within the alternate timeline and jumping to the original timeline just before Nod uses the time machine). Again, I'm not asking for plot detail analysis here. I want to know what kind of missions you'd want to play. Traditional Base vs Base? Convoy? Commando only? Any special triggers you'd like to see?
  14. Yes, pretty much. Since the briefing window doesn't give a lot of room for plot development, I can't put in too much detail. I'm having to do a lot of research on the First Tib War. As a kid I never paid attention to the plot; I just wanted to blow stuff up.
  15. Thanks Chimas, I have read the manual and the guide. They really should be updated to reflect the new research though. Here are the updated commands: Everything is working correctly now, except that the AI will still build minigunners and grenadiers (CRT1 teamtype) that stay at their barracks. Is this due to the autocreate trigger? I'm still a tad unclear on how that works.
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