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  1. Hi there! I'll definately take credit for the Weapons Factory and the Tiberium Refinery.
  2. Yes, I have modified 3 terrain-related colors in the palette which do not affect the icons, unit and ore shps. Shps modified are: - trees - bibs - MSLO/HBOX (+MAKEs) Added tiles from C&C desert tileset: - dark patches - impassable bushes - original desert rivers ('compatible' with other river tiles)
  3. Putting it on a separate platform (web) is a completely different story. I am sorry you had this experience, even though your intentions were good.
  4. I don't think EA can do anything about games that were made freeware years ago. I suggest you get yourself together.
  5. Actually people LOVE playing "Tschokky edition" as the devs included the cave, barren and jungle tilesets which I made, so I'm starting to think that you have absolutely no idea about what you are talking. So replacing the TS desert with the original desert should not be an issue, since it's 100% compatible. If you would like to play further with the TS desert, that should be up to you, but that is not the desert tileset that should be in the official release. "They don't wanna come play red alert for nostalgia" - maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe they should change all other tilesets for you "no need to force changes on to people" - as I said before, I made jun, bar, cav, and I didn't force anything so I think you are out of the line here.
  6. Why not? This makes absolutely no sense. By all means!
  7. Can I ask some new hex editing info for ra95-spawn.exe? - as before I'd like to modify the main menu button position - change font color for the game screen (white to greenish) - etc.
  8. Technically I don't see how this can be done :\
  9. I think I had an earlier posting on this issue, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. So I have improved the existing desert.mix for RA featuring the original C&C desert tileset. I would be very happy to see it in the official RA Online package. desert.mix
  10. I think nyer (?) alredy did it, at least for the dino missions.
  11. Nice use of the barren/jungle tilesets, try cave too!
  12. For the new RA versions there is a trigger to do that, however I don't exactly know the syntax, but yes, it exists.
  13. Thanks author here. Yes, reading your first post this is what I wanted to suggest to you, to only fill up the LOS of your units with trees, the rest doesn't matter. I was experimenting with this myself. Would you like to post the map here? I'd love to have a look at it, how others exploit it's features. Please also try the Barren and the Cave tileset, and I also have an improved DESERT tileset, too (original trees & ROCK stuff in place of trees, they crumble upon destruction)
  14. I see my stalagmites go well with your Dune2k tileset You can use the interior tile codes (FLOR/WALL/etc.) to fill in for the missing tiles, that's how I did it for the CAVE tileset (using tem/sno tiles), maybe you should study it.
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