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  1. this mod really inspired me. recently, been reading a lot of documentaion in the TW SDK, got no where....... can i ask a stupid question to all the mod gods (including this one), how did you guy first get into this, man?? all this variables and a particular way of langue or script way of writing to learn, the documents taught me a lot of things, things like XML and things, but it hasn't contained a full details on the meaning of variable, that my problems anyway XD....... so much to learn, i wonder if i can mod one day............... keith
  2. Can anybody tell me what this shader is? or where can i read more about this? how can one implement this shader into an exsisting 3d engine in this case SAGA? many thanks!! XD keith
  3. to the creator: the headline bring me into this forum(not that i am important ). have seen some old post, know you had some down time before, but i guess you got to feel good now cause the headlines and more people supporting this mod. just want to know how you guys can get to know so much about game programming especially decoding EA game.........
  4. Hi, new here. Just want to say this seems to be really good from the trailer. Just when i was thinking why not ea/westwood gonna remake tiberium dawn in 3d, they got all the engine made for these type of game....... The only thing that stop me from downloading is that i have never done it before, i was afraid it may mess up.....may be not . now i want to take some programming class, i do lot of (well not too "a lot") 3d myself on 3dsmax and photoshop, but never know how to reprogramme, this really inspire me to dig into. XD I think you guys can get a cool job or set up your own comapny man! if not already...... finally, would like to suggest you make a "expension pack" for the game like they do in kane wrath, you can get to write your own story right up to TS!!and create your own unit of course. cool!!! keith
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