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  1. Does the AI have invisible MCV's building structures for them? I've noticed how Hard AI (not sure about Medium) keeps building structures even after I've transformed their Construction Yard into a rubble crater with an Ion Cannon. If this is the case, is it possible to kill all invisible MCV's automatically after the Construction Yard is destroyed? "We lost our Construction Yard! Noooo -" *dead MCV*
  2. This'll be useful for missions, great.
  3. OK, I just did a clean install and now everything looks normal. No more Juggernauts and Hover MLRS's
  4. This is my first message here since 2009, lol. Big thanks for Tore for fixing my password issues. I've played few dozen skirmish matches, some GDI missions and the first Covert Operations mission. Overall everything works very nicely, I haven't had a single crash so far, just some lag when playing with 3-4 AI's. But I am for some reason seeing some weird 'MISSING' texts in some maps' names in the official map list, and at least on GDI Railgun Turret. Also some unit and structure info boxes show texts from an early version of Tiberian Sun Redux mod for ZH (GDI Guard Tower has Vulcan Tower info, Onton Tank has Juggernaut info, MLRS has Hover MLRS info, etc.). I installed this mod on the same folder as the old Tiberian Sun Redux, but I think I deleted the old files earlier. I'll probably do a clean install to see if it has any effect. Also, is it just me or does anyone else have about 60 FPS during missions?
  5. Hello, I'm somewhat good map creator, for Generals ZH and C&C3. I recently reinstalled my Zero Hour, and started mapping again. I like creating single player missions, although I'm bit lazy at scripting. I haven't done many skirmish maps, but I believe I can handle that too. Most of my ever published C&C3 maps are hosted in CnC-Files, none of my Generals or ZH maps have been published (maybe because I haven't submitted any...). Yet I'm unable to put any pictures of my ZH maps, but if you're interested, I'd like to become mapper for this mod. I find this mod very, very..... epic. Cheers
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