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  1. Fixing weird colors on Windows Vista/7

    Yeah it would be...
  2. Game on Linux !!!

    maybe if rebuild the cncnet to non "tray icon" app, it can be runed on Linux ?
  3. Game on Linux !!!

    Reask , why other peoples must see a game when hosted it without CnCNet ? (obviously through wine) How the game tell to others, that i hosted a game.
  4. [Bugs] I found two serious bugs

    Yes, only for APC(like a commando) and nothing more , before i can't find another bug But why commando not shoot automatically? Commando must killall on hes sight XD
  5. Game on Linux !!!

    How other players can see ME if i hosted the game, meanwhile im not use CnCNet ! c&c95 try to connect and post my ip on main-CnCNet server ?
  6. [Bugs] I found two serious bugs

    And its normal for APC ? I want to micro with infantry and APC but this fact do this inpossible. So, abot refinery, I cant sell refinery when harv allready docked, but if it abot 1 sec before it i can and it causes bug.Plz try it and see it .
  7. 1. If harv going to base and almost reached the refinery garage.. if i click sell ref - harv dancing over it and ref cant be seled while i not select harv and not order to it goin to other place. 2. If APC attacks, and i ordered engenier going in, he dancing around with APC (not tested with others) and not going to it.
  8. In siberia we have big "LAN" and so we have providers( they located in "LAN") who obviously provides to us external internet trafic, and it sure done throught VPN connection.
  9. How to configure VPN connection or maybe routing for done this :O ?
  10. Recording C&C95 and RA95 though FRAPS

    But what u recomend instead of fraps ?