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  1. Well the text file apparently fixed the text. But I still have no animated shell on the menu. So I'm guessing something is still not working properly...
  2. I will give the mod manager a shot, the advanced launcher was no help at all lol I will report back details. I'm also on English Windows 7 64bit
  3. So no one has any idea what could cause this to happen? Not much of a mod if people with high spec systems cannot play it
  4. I currently have no in game text strings period. And have found nothing on how to fix it. I have tried just about everthing short of replacing the font file which is indeed fine. Reinstalled and redownloaded all files. Game is genuine, OS is genuine. I need help.
  5. Need help on this, running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, real not pirated. Up to date and redownloaded and reinstalled both the game and the mod. Still having the problem with no text strings showing up in game period.
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