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  1. You know what? I discovered that the easy enemy is the hardest to beat, and the hard enemy doesn't even build war factories. Maybe the difficultly levels are inverted...
  2. Just a little possitive feedback. I'm playing this mod a lot and I think it's almost perfect. Yes, I know there are bugs but they are few. I always play this mod on skirmish and I tell you, it's really really good!!!!! The AI is difficult to beat some times, in fact some moments ago I was playing against 2 AI opponents and they kicked my ass!!!! It was a very good game, I had a lot of fun!!!!! I can't understand how a real C&C fan can dislike the mod. I can't understand people that got dissapointed. sgtmyers88, your mod really has beautiful graphics and stable gameplay. Even the wheather effects have surprised me, I like them a lot!! Congratulations for your excellent work!!!! TiberFCSL PS: don't forget to add me to your MSN friends list, I'd be proud to be a tester!!!!!
  3. Quote from 13ewa12n: "most of the game run perfectly but hard AI is quiet too easy to defeat with rush (mayb con yard system is more powerful than dozer system?) but that's not a problem." I think this problem is more than that, everytime I play against a gdi hard enemy they never build a war factory, so that's the cause of the problem. I haven't tried yet against the other factions yet so if you need more feedback on other factions I'll try. I use to play this mod mostly offline, let's say the missions and skirmishes, so this is a big problem at least to me and everyone who wants to have fun in skirmish games.
  4. I really like this mod and I'd love to be a beta tester. Always count on me you can contact me to my mail [email protected] Congratulations for making such a great mod, that's why I want to help to make it even better.
  5. I like this mod a lot. I've been playing some missions watching the FMVs and all that is very cool and even more challenging than the original C&C, I love that. But I can't have fun playing a skirmish game. Everytime I play skirmish, even in hard mode, the enemy never builds a war factory (they were GDI).
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