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  1. Out of curiosity, what is the guard tower range really supposed to be?
  2. Yeah, you're a Star Trek fan. You're supposed to have an eye for details.
  3. Theoretically yeah, but they have too much range in this mod yet. If I knew how, I'd fix it.
  4. Ok, finally beat the mission. No, running past the guard towers doesn't work. It's suicide. First trick, don't tell your troops to move long distances. Keep them bunched up together to mass fire. Secondly, move only small distances at a time and make the various GDI positions come to you. Third trick, take out the GDI base FIRST. But make sure you do it without approaching the second set of towers. If you work your way south, then east, then north, you can kick their front door in, take down the base, then go back around for the village and remaining troops, of which there will be very few, because GDI sent reinforcements to the base while you were blowing it to hell.
  5. You presume I let any of the civies in the village get away. Run past them. Hmm...Possible... I'll try it.
  6. I've forgotten how far in it is, but I'm stuck on a mission where you have to destroy a village, then remove all remaining GDI presence from the area. Problem is, the GDI base is guarded by two guard towers on each of two entrances, I can't seem to find a way to bypass them, and I take too many casualties taking either set down to take out the base. Any suggestions?
  7. Didn't realize there was a C&C3 mod in progress or I wouldn't have said anything along those lines. As for the conyard system, I know. It would be better if the conyard system activation could be automated. I already read about the bug with with auto-deploying a harvester from a newly constructed refinery using the conyard system, so I won't ask about that. I didn't realize that it was possible to use the MCV as a construction dozer until looking at that same harvester bug. Oddities of game engine, I guess.
  8. To be perfectly honest, I'd suggest ditching Generals and going with C&C3 as the base. At least it's already set up for using a proper construction yard system.
  9. Minor thing I've noticed. Gameplay is great and all, though the way the MCV works is a pain in the ass. However, it ended my GDI campaign after 8 missions and I KNOW there are more than 8. The last mission is supposed to end with you using the Ion Cannon on Kane, AFAIK.
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