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  1. I would like to play with more than the four player maps, they appear in the skirmish section, and I dont think there is a limit, before I installed the map packs there werent any more than four player maps! I am getting tired of playing the tiny maps over my network! Is there anyway way to rip them out of the file theyre stored in, and put them in the maps folder in my documents?
  2. I cant believe I didnt try this! It worked like a charm!
  3. I have a Windows 7 pc with a geforce 275, with zero hour and the mod installed. When I start a single player mission there is no video, in the opening menu there is no game play in the background just a picture and no music. I just formatted my computer the other day so this is a complete fresh install, before I formatted everything worked just fine. I think it is an issue with generals because it does it when I play the regular game it does the same thing, Is there anything I Can do to fix this?
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