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  1. Hello guys, Issue with RA95, seems when I try play at 1024x768 in window mode, I can't do anything in game because the mouse goes crazy, it just scrolls to the edges of the screen constantly. Doesn't do it in full screen mode. Mouse fix on/off doesn't make any difference. Any tips? Thanks guys
  2. Hey guys, just a random question I want to ask, back in the day on the retail versions of the game you could ally with the AI in a skirmish, but they stopped doing anything when you did, was this a glitch? Or is there some explanation to it? Thanks much.
  3. Hey guys, me and a mate have purchased the C&C ultimate collection through EA Origin, unfortunately you can't play RA2/YR over internet, it just disconnects you and you can't see anyone. I've tried the CnCNet tool, but it doesn't work with the origin version of the game. I tried the UDP patch to play over LAN, but it just says cannot join game because another player has the same serial # as you. But we don't have the same serial numbers? Help please
  4. Red Alert Tech Centre/CNC Tech centre, used to be a small forum we where both on like 5/6 years ago.
  5. Yeah, now it just doesn't do anything. The same files work on my two other Windows 7 PCs just fine, except one won't connect to the lobby in Lan even though Windows Firewall is off and all the PCs are through the same router (which has been port forwarded). There we go. Also Nyerguds, any idea on what happened to the RATC?
  6. Hey guys, I downloaded the Red Alert files from this site, with the music and movies and expansions, but when ever I run the game I get a stack overflow error and it crashes? Any ideas? Thanks muxh.
  7. Hopefully it gets fixed soon, I'm advertising about Red Alert being free these days to try bring more people to the community, so we have more of a chance of finding people to play against. If XWIS works again, it shall simplyfy things because people don't really like fucking about by installing extra things like Hamachi/Tunngle, I've found.
  8. Oh ok, damn I was hoping to get a few friends in and have a crazy game with heaps of players and AI on top. Is there any chance of XWIS problem being fixed or are we otu of contact with the people in the know? Rather than screwing around with Tunngle (which works excellently) it would be nicer if we could just go into the internet feature and make an 8 player game through there. Save us some trouble.
  9. I'm a fan of W7 personally, I don't care how much memory this or that uses extra over an older version of Windows, if you are complaining about that, then its obviously time for a new PC haha. I'm sure people liked Windows 3.11 over 95.
  10. With 8 players, can I add more AI on top of those?
  11. Thanks guys, yeah must be a problem with XWIS because I played over Tunngle and it worked fine. We're all in our own homes. Also, is there a limitation of how many people in a LAN game? Just curious about something, can you remove the crappy lines through the videos ingame? I've always wondered about that.
  12. Hey guys, I need some help with getting MiniRA+ working online, I've downloaded it, installed the game and when I go to internet and try to log in inside the game, it says connecting to westwood online, then goes to logging in but times out. I've got 6 or 7 mates wating to play and we're all getting the same error, we're all port forwarded and have that bastard windows firewall off. Anyone else having any issues? I can log into Westwood chat with no issues what so ever.
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