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  1. Thank you that worked Now i can have my cake and eat it too :}
  2. I downloaded Command & Conquer: TIberian sun, and it runs great, However there is no sound. I am also running it on wine on Linux mint, which may be the problem. Is there any way to fix this despite my running on Linux mint? Or is this a lost cause. I mean i consider myself lucky that it runs on Linux at all. Basically what happens is that there is sound during the menu and once i click "Load game" the sound stops and doesn't come back even when the game has loaded. A truly deafening silence D:
  3. I've decided to reinstall zero hour and try again, I probably did something wrong
  4. My drivers are up to date. Can you think of anything else that could cause this problem? And please don't say update my drivers, because its becoming quite redundant. I've also updated direct x to its newest version.
  5. Turning shader 2.0 off doesn't make a difference, I've made sure that my drivers are fully updated, as well as updated all games in my TFD to there newest versions respectively, this isn't an issue of graphics settings. My graphics card the 310m is a fully capable graphics card, though it isnt the most powerful. The cards specs are as follows Manufacturer NVIDIA Series GeForce 310M Codename N11M-GE1 Pipelines 16 - unified Core Speed * 625 MHz Shader Speed * 1530 MHz Memory Speed * 800 MHz Memory Bus Width 64 Bit Memory Type GDDR3, DDR3 Max. Amount of Memory 512 MB Shared Memory no DirectX DirectX 10.1, Shader 4.1 technology 40 nm Features DirectX Compute Support (Windows 7), CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL 2.1, HybridPower I really would like to get this mod to work, if theres any information i can provide such as error reports or things of this nature I'd be glad to help. I didnt install any mods before this, so there isnt a possibilty for conflicting mods. I dont know the exact names of the files i could need, but if there are any that you need,tell me and I'll do what I can.
  6. This is what the game displays after I build the powerplant, it occasionally flickers, showing the actual gameplay going on, but for the most part its just blacked out, as if theres nothing there to render.
  7. I'm afraid That isnt an option, there is only the options for Service pack 2, and service pack 3 compatibility, and neither of those options help the issue.
  8. I've tried the lowest graphics settings, as well as putting the game in compatibility mode for Windows XP sp2-3, and Vista, none of which helped. Its a very strange problem I've never encountered with command and conquer before.
  9. I have my cnc generals zero hours updated to 1.04, installed the latest version of the mod, but whenever I play it, as soon as I build a powerplant, the game stops rendering whenever the powerplant is in sight, could this have to do with the fact that i'm running windows 7 64 bit? or is the game not compatable with the Nvidia Gforce 310m graphics card I have perhaps?
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