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  1. This is definitely the first time I hear of this. I just checked Wayback Machine snapshots of www.westwood.com from late 1997 and Sole Survivor isn't even mentioned. No mirrors of ftp.westwood.com have any builds of the game either IIRC. Maybe these were only available to closed beta testers?
  2. Hopefully not to be off-topic, I just played a bit of Vanilla Conquer source port, and I was wondering, how much effort would it need to make your mod compatible with that port? Would the port provide any advantage compared to using the original C&C binary?
  3. PC Gamer US, UK or some other edition? (IIRC there was also Italian PC Gamer too, maybe other languages/countries as well). BTW, long time no see, Commander.
  4. Those are indeed very good -- possibly the best AI upscales of any CGI/live-action stuff I've seen so far. But of course the original were already in a relatively high resolution.
  5. The OpenSAGE project of open source recreation of the SAGE engine came to my attention recently, and I was wondering if it can be used to run Tiberian Dawn Redux? The project is still under development but since it is open source, perhaps it could provide more flexibility than running TDR as a Generals mod? Maybe it could even make it feasible to create a stand-alone version of TDR?
  6. A very long time ago I found a Russian website with a RA1 TC called Third Revolution. It's a stand-alone total conversion with new campaigns and a setting unrelated to the C&C universe -- rather, it tells the story of a post-1991 restoration of the Soviet Union and its struggle against Capitalist adversaries. The author had problems with the black/transparent colour in the palette but otherwise it was pretty solid all-in-all. Back then I downloaded the Russian version, but later forgot about that TC until recently (had to ask around to remember the title). Anyway, the Russian version of the TC is available from The Red Alert Archive, however the developer's page also lists an English version (thirden.rar) among downloads, as well as a music pack (scores_full.rar). Supposedly, these were hosted at http://ra.afraid.org/thirdrev/, but the Wayback Machine does not have the respective files, and apparently they were at some point removed, for whatever reason. I was wondering if anyone still has these files archived somewhere? Also, it seems that the TC is based on Aftermath 2.02, would it be possible to upgrade to 3.03 Beta?
  7. Yes, the shape of the outer walls is different as I pointed out in my previous post. Ezer_2000, good catch on the screws and rivets, I didn't notice that myself. Indeed that design becomes outright ridiculous when you realise that these shapes are something improbable for a building of that scale.
  8. Not only that, but the shape of the ConYard itself is also inaccurate to the original image - both in-game and as shown in the FMV, and official renders. You can see in this strategy guide scan that the outer walls are not parallel but fan outwards to the front. Neither are they flat on top but slope quite a bit. It seems that the artist used the raw sprite as reference without regard to the aspect ratio correction issue (I'm afraid that the team might not be even aware of this problem, possibly because they're using C&C95 as a reference), resulting in a different height-to-width ratio of the building. But the in-game sprite is still pretty unambiguous about the outer walls being non-parallel. No idea why this was changed. The result is as if someone had played C&C a long while ago and then created the remastered version of the ConYard from a vague memory of what it looked like in the original game. There doesn't seem to be any reason for the developers of the remaster to not use as much original reference material as possible to maintain authenticity of the visuals. There's plenty of high-res renders out there, but Jim Vessella's post only mentions the FMV and the UI icons (presumably from the C&C95 release). Is the team even aware of these other sources? I mean, aren't the sprites being done by the same team as StarCraft Remastered? The sprites in SCR are very close to their original counterparts. Can these criticisms be in any way related to the remaster dev team?
  9. Cool, I've been listening to this track earlier today (cued by the word Mayday) and wondered exactly where those soundbites come from :) BTW, it seems like the jukebox at Frank K's site is down for some reason :(
  10. Just found these articles with some nice analysis of mission design in Command & Conquer: http://www.ultimaratioregum.co.uk/game/2013/09/07/real-time-strategy-level-design/ http://www.ultimaratioregum.co.uk/game/2014/04/27/real-time-strategy-level-design-ii/
  11. Added the following sites to the list, all three courtesy of Hallfiry: Hallfiry's CD Index Kult Cover Disks - The Cover CD & Magazine Archive! Kult Game Downloads Details on each site are in the first post.
  12. I'm sorry but I haven't found a separate topic that would be about random feedback (and not suggestions, as in the title of this thread) for your patch. Also it should be noted that I only asked about the changed tileset in a couple of missions.
  13. Yeah, we're going to try that if everything else fails.
  14. The SHP frame size had to be increased to fit a word that was larger in length than a single line. You didn't think that we were messing with the files just for the heck of it, did you?
  15. Nyer, in the view of this discussion, how are the pips sprites aligned over unit/building graphics? IIRC, in Dune II every sprite is positioned by its top left corner, but apparently for C&C and RA it is not the case.
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