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  1. Just found these articles with some nice analysis of mission design in Command & Conquer: http://www.ultimaratioregum.co.uk/game/2013/09/07/real-time-strategy-level-design/ http://www.ultimaratioregum.co.uk/game/2014/04/27/real-time-strategy-level-design-ii/
  2. Added the following sites to the list, all three courtesy of Hallfiry: Hallfiry's CD Index Kult Cover Disks - The Cover CD & Magazine Archive! Kult Game Downloads Details on each site are in the first post.
  3. MrFlibble

    1.06c Suggestions

    I'm sorry but I haven't found a separate topic that would be about random feedback (and not suggestions, as in the title of this thread) for your patch. Also it should be noted that I only asked about the changed tileset in a couple of missions.
  4. MrFlibble

    1.06c Suggestions

    Yeah, we're going to try that if everything else fails.
  5. MrFlibble

    1.06c Suggestions

    The SHP frame size had to be increased to fit a word that was larger in length than a single line. You didn't think that we were messing with the files just for the heck of it, did you?
  6. MrFlibble

    1.06c Suggestions

    Nyer, in the view of this discussion, how are the pips sprites aligned over unit/building graphics? IIRC, in Dune II every sprite is positioned by its top left corner, but apparently for C&C and RA it is not the case.
  7. MrFlibble

    1.06c Suggestions

    What's "factory missions"?
  8. MrFlibble

    1.06c Suggestions

    I have no idea what you're talking about... Apparently the harvested Tiberium/orca ammo/APC & chopper passenger meters have become displaced and are now positioned not at the bottom of selected units but higher. Haven't observed it myself since I haven't checked the latest version of the patch.
  9. MrFlibble

    1.06c Suggestions

    I trust that you were going to post this is this thread? And your post from there should be here? Anyway, Nyer, just wanted to ask, is this change still in effect?
  10. Thanks for the explanation! The patch I referred to did not expand the actual game screen to 640x480 dimensions, it just stretched the original 640x400 screen image to the 640x480 screen, effectively making the 640x400 and 640x480 modes indistinguishable. I assumed back then - possibly wrongly - that in case of the "true" 640x400 mode it was the hardware that did the stretching of the output, and in the 640x480 mode in that patch it was the game that did the stretching? Honestly I didn't give this much of a thought, I just noticed that both modes gave the identical result on the screen
  11. I suspected that much. When I said "takes" I referred to the speech clips in the first place, and also the "juvenile" sound effects
  12. I meant to say, was it intended by the developers to have an unstretched screen with black bars in the 640x480 mode? Because the "normal" behaviour as I understand it would be to stretch the image vertically?
  13. Tiberian Sun is actually a good game to start with modding, as it has an open structure and is quite easy to mod. You don't need any particular skills for that, unless you want to edit art or go for some hardcoded game mechanics. For example your suggestion of an Orca truck could be easily implemented as a "mobile helipad" - a unit that can deploy into a helipad (and then undeploy at the player's command). I think I even played some mod a long time ago which had mobile helipads. (That feature can be a balance breaker but anyway.) Just check the Project Perfect Mod website and forums, this is probably the number one place if you want to learn Tiberian Sun modding.
  14. By the looks of how some of the sound files are named in C&C and RA, the numbers might not represent an actual sequence of multiple sounds that are used in the game, but rather it represents the number of "takes" in recording the same sound. So for example with the above crate sound, take #4 was apparently selected as the most appropriate version of that sound. (Alternately those might have been not "takes" per se but maybe they just took random sounds from a sound library that could be useful, and then selected some of them for use in the game.) That's entirely my speculation though, but this is the impression I got from the file names in C&C and RA.
  15. Visceroids could actually fill in the role of "aliens". I wonder why the Visceroid spawn logic, as well as the units themselves, are never encountered in the original single-player campaigns. Nod can build APCs in multiplayer, and have them in certain single-player missions as well. But basically, your ideas could be made a reality with some kind of a mod for a later game. There are several (at least two IIRC) Tiberian Dawn remakes that use the Tiberian Sun engine. TS is quite easily moddable, and there are lots of community resources you can use, so you could try doing something on your own.
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