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  1. FUCK EA its messing up EVERYTHIGN :ranting: im out for ea games seriously... Dark spore? WTF --------------------------------------- EA ONLY CARE ABOUT GRAPHICS THATS IT!
  2. the only thing i want is how to fix Cncnet please! i cant play because there is nobody...
  3. well... its gonna make your a headache so i decided to close it... OR SOMEONE PLEASE DO IT... but seriously i cant play cnet i dont know why but it is annoying... thanks by the way...
  4. modem or what ever it is... and uses Wireless adapter for laptops... i have the main computer but cnet is alone... also asked that my code or ip is duplicate or something... Also how you fix ION CANNON WEAPON ON THE GAME? makes a weird glitch... it shoots and blows up everything... it even says your mission is a faiuler... WTF? it does it sometimes and sometimes it works.... EDIT: OH and its a router... not a wireless adapter... XD and yes full ADMINISTRATOR... but not for the game because askes me for the ORIGINAL CD THAT THE TFD...
  5. I cant play cnet due that my port forwarding needs something else but i cant fix it! i have read all kinds of stuff but none of them work... IP SUCKS MY BALLS! i even use game ranger but FAIL! Please help! not even command conquer tiberium wars work... i have to restart the game and boom! EACH TIME WHEN A SERVER CLOSES DOWN!
  6. well they should fix the ANNOYING stopping harvester from getting tiberium and the animation dosent work... so they need to fix it up... also another annoying glitch is at the main menu... the numbers below that tiny bar is kinda half cuted... i dont know about that but they should fix it. improve video quality and i have the TFD and i can extract the videos directly... incase of using Piece of recording shit... LOL no offence... thoes are some bugs i found... Thanks! :mammoth:
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