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  1. My favorite has always been the desert theater Btw... Is the name of this map '4077' a pun on the 'M*A*S*H 4077' tv show :laugh: Haha, great show Might try this map just because of that :P
  2. Yes great feedback :laugh: Well the mission is VERY hard I suppose... But It's finished as far as I can tell. All bugfixes are in, a little extra content here and there. The mission forces you to make a decision on what to concentrate on. Resources are put around the map to force you to take and control them. Airstrikes make it harder yes, but you can beat it. There are... Ways... This is my 2nd map too. I probably won't make a 3rd one for a while. Probably not for another few weeks. It takes time to make a working map, I feel the terrain is essentially the most important part. You want to allow as many ways as possible to beat the mission. I hope to make my next map as diverse as possible. Maybe featuring 2 or 3 mini outposts all somewhat depending on each other. Or maybe 2 supplying the main one. Either for the player or AI. Just some brainstorming I did. Well.. If it's to hard it's not a crime to change it and remove the Airstrike they get. Not everyone likes really hard missions, it comes down to personal taste. Not necessarily skill You can always remove a few defense here and there to if that's to hard as well. But the 'BASE' section of the ini file may give problems. Be sure and remove it from the 'BASE' section first then remove the structure. And Nyerguds is right, go up there and defend your 'puppet'. While your harvesters are up there take a small force and position them SW of the Minigunner who should be as far NE as he can go
  3. So it should be a '1' instead of a '0' at the end of the trigger?
  4. Oh I see now, but does it matter? Won't it still work the same way or will it start churning out teams at the same time at an alarming rate ? (ie 5 Autocreates are active does that mean 5 Autocreate teams will be made?)
  5. I based my autocreate off the ones from the campaign missions. *in a way* I make the teamtypes and list 'Autocreate' on them and connect them with the global 'Autocreate' trigger and every some many time units (135 for example) it builds a random teamype that I specified. (ie auto1, auto2, auto3, auto4, etc.) I use it because it adds a little more 'random flavor' to the mission. It also helps diversify maps. After re-reading your post and my post I think we both misunderstood each other actually
  6. Um, Autocreate is one global status that simply gets activated once. Repeating it has no effect whatsoever. Are you sure? I tested it via removing all of my 'Create Team' triggers to see if the 'Autocreate' was functioning and every 135 time units they would send one of the appropriate teamtypes I can give pictures if you want
  7. Thanks glad you liked it once I 'repaired' it I hope to make a new map in a week or two IF time allows it. School is about to start back as well but we'll see what happens
  8. The most likely reason I made the blunder on the teamtypes was probably this: 1. When I'm talking to someone and doing something else I get very 'absent-minded' and will forget things or not do them at all. 2. I should start doing my coding by hand in the .txt file instead of using CCmap as I would have seen it when I was being forced to actually type it. (yes I know Nyerguds will be at my front porch later with a pitchfork and torch with a mob behind him demanding my head :laugh:) The map 'appears' to be bug free now. I know my 'civd' trigger is not supposed to work, that is intentional. Please continue to post more feedback as it REALLY helps when I don't have all the time I want/need for playtesting/bug solving. It's not from being lazy, I don't always have time. I tested this map for a few days off and on so I'm shocked such a huge bug got past me I would really like some actual feedback on the map itself. (ie gameplay, teamtype coordination, difficulty, etc) So far the only thing I know is that it was full of bugs :roll: (but it's a good thing people reported those, thanks again to those that helped)
  9. Thanks for the feedback. 1. No I was unaware of this O_o 2. That trigger is 'dead' meaning I abandoned it for my own reasons so just forget about it 3. That is intentional. I will look at 1. and see what's wrong.
  10. Bear in mind that I didn't test this map as much as my other one. Mainly due to time constraints, but if there are im-balances, bugs, exploits, etc. If the people finding these will post here I will address and fix them,
  11. I had a feeling I had done something wrong :ranting: I will address this NOW before anyone else downloads it. Thank you for this very important feedback, it can't be fun if it's not hard
  12. Hello this is my 2nd C&C TD map After my first map ('Threatened') I learned some things about map making. I am still no pro but getting better Though I always test my maps as much as possible I'm liable to forget things. Name: 'The Shifting Sands' Map Size: 'Height=46 Width=62' Side: 'Nod' Tech Level: '12' Installation: Simply extract the folder and copy+paste the contents to your C&C folder. If you are unsure of where your directory is, right-click you C&C95 shortcut and click 'Open File Folder'. That should take you to the directory. Alternatively this could be: 'Program Files>EA Games>C&C TFD>C&C95>' or something similar. Important: This is the fifth version of this map, if you downloaded it before 8/2/2011 11:26 P.M. (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) and want the newer version then download it here. It is 'SCB93EA' instead of 'SCB92EA' so you know the difference. Known Bugs: Please report any bugs you find here so I can correct them and make the map more playable. Changelog: Version 1 'SCB89EA': First public version of the map. Version 2 'SCB90EA': Thanks to the testing of tasss the exploits of the AI have now been corrected. Rushing the base is now no longer easy. AI now has extra starting units, defenses, and their 'Production' trigger starts faster. Version 3 'SCB91EA': Hardly any of my teamtypes were working because they weren't linked to the appropriate trigger. Solo found these and I corrected them, so I highly recommend you redownload this map. A few details added (you won't notice) The AI base was changed slightly. Their conyard is now in a more defendable spot. Typo in the description was fixed. More starting credits for the player and AI. Version 4 'SCB92EA': Thanks to MY testing (for once :roll:) the AI now functions properly. The biggest flaw was the 'patrols' I made to guard their base it kept re-training them after 10 seconds instead of waiting until they was destroyed The map should now (at last!) play properly. Version 5 'SCB93EA': The Chinook 'raid' for the AI was bugged so it was removed and replaced with an APC and it works. (I have tested it) The AI's 'Production' trigger now activates via going south to your base and/or crossing the river this way you cannot go south FIRST and build up a sizable Infantry army and attempt to rush the AI before their production starts. Leave a comment/question/complaint if you like. Feedback is important Enjoy! SCB93EA.zip
  13. Thanks again for your feedback I will change some things and re-upload tomorrow if I have time. I don't think the HQ (Comm. Center right?) change is necessary... It says in the description to destroy it. But then again I may change it so that it gets destroyed either way. But it's simply not logical to capture it, defenses right there would get in the way more than anything so it would make a poor barrier for the player. I have found it from testing to successfully defend you need active units/Repair Pads + Guard Towers. I will implement your 'fixes'. I will give them some more AA in their base as well. I had hoped I used some creativity in the teams so thanks for noticing By 'Slaugter Mode' I guess you mean reduce the 'Time' for 'Teamtypes' by say 50% for more hardcore players? Ok, I might decide that would make a good addition as a separate download. I don't understand why you got crashes and I didn't though :O But I will fix those anyway. I did beta-test it so I'm surprised I didn't get those bugs... Tomorrow I will fix it and re-re-upload it
  14. Maybe it was, well anyway let me go fix my map and re-upload it. I have another one I'm working on right now that I will release soon once I work out the AI bugs.
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