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  1. Hi folks, long time no see! Well, this is a long overdue update for my SP mission pack, Tiberian Dawn for Pros. I completed up to mission 9 for Nod and 8EA for GDI. Although the last mission was finished almost 2 years ago, I got sidetracked by work and additional kids (I have 4 now!) I figured with all this remaster stuff going on, I better finish up the briefings that were needed and upload it before the point was TOTALLY moot. Anyway, I'm extremely proud of them and put a ridiculous amount of work into this, so I hope you enjoy them. There's actually tons of hidden stuff in them for those who might take the time. I utilized the "carry over cash" function a lot and exploited some of the game's campaign logic in interesting ways. For example, the GDI mission 6 mission skipping logic (where you needed to blow up the airfield) is now reversed so that mission 7 is actually a secret bonus mission-- and if you successfully complete this, mission 8 starts off in a completely different way by using the carry over cash function in conjunction with a "credits" trigger. blah blah blah... Anyway, making these missions was a ridiculous amount of fun for me and I hope somebody plays them... lol Here's a video I made a while back of some of the new missions I made: and just in case, here's a redundant download link: https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=47089
  2. Here's all the mix's I dropped directly into my XCC folder: Also, I made some tutorial videos for editing maps in c&c1/TD here
  3. To learn to make your own missions, you must: 1)Read Nyer's mission scripting manual 2)Carefully look at the original mission .ini's for examples of how they do it 3)Watch my scripting tutorial videos 4)Trial and error! Oh yean, it's waypoint 25
  4. MattAttack


    Well I'll be damned, that is a tanker truck. I always thought it was some kind of a structure, too. I wasn't expecting to learn anything new about c&c today..... ARCO is a real chain of gas stations here in the US-- well in the West at least, which likely lead many to assume that it was a fueling station.
  5. Yup, that's correct. Time allowing, I'd like to make briefings/cutscenes to replace the originals. I've already had success getting my own videos to play in-game. Lol, I even bought some tank and hummer models to do some stop-motion: https://youtu.be/RsJsnSU3yG8 Yes, everyone else, this video for the millionth time
  6. Yeah, I noticed that too. I wish I had time to test, but my theory is that there is possibly a limited amount of time to produce the units and any team not started during that window just doesn't get built. To test this, I'd recommend either A)having enough units pre-placed on the map for like 10 teams to be autocreated and/or B)try re-arranging the teamtypes in the .ini to see if maybe it prioritizes that way and different teams get built. And is it just me or does autocreate seem to repeat at regular time intervals or does it really seem random?
  7. Sadly, no. I remember investigating this in GDI 15ec* specifically, and IIRC they were basically just using "attack base" for the team's sole command. Therefore, the teams wouldn't meander around the map trying to meet up, they just go for the player base. There are a lot of pre-placed units to alleviate confusion in the beginning, too. If you haven't seen it yet, Nyer has a great resource for looking at the original .ini's here: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cncstuff/mappics/ *this one:
  8. Yeah, I figured everyone here was familiar with that work-around since it was in a lot of the recent SP missions. As I'm sure you've all heard me say though, I'm pretty obsessed with making my campaign just like Westwood made their missions, and I'm crazy about an accurate kill-count, so I refuse to use this method. I don't expect anyone else to be as nuts about it as me, but that's my 2 cents.
  9. wooo, trying to dig back through my foggy memory to remember what I gleaned on this one... I know the short answer is that I don't think there is a way to specify what gets built where. U1 doesn't seem to affect it and I believe Nariac is basically right in that the structure listed first in the .ini will be the "primary" structure building the vehicles. Infantry, of course, seem to be produced out of all the HoN/Rax regardless of where they are listed in the .ini. IIRC, there are variables though. How the teams are "triggered" seem to be a factor, be it directly through a trigger or with the "force creation" function or even automatically creating the team by setting the "number of teams" to more than 0 without an autocreate trigger. There may even be a difference between how the airstrip functions vs. the WF. Either way, if the team consists of mixed vehicles I think you're pretty much out of luck. I'm pretty sure you tested my mission with the 4 WFs (one in each corner) and I remember having to come up with a complicated waypoint scheme to compensate if the primary WF was destroyed. Mind you, that was originally a GDI mission with airstrips in each corner, but the planes would eventually stop entering the map once in a while. But I seem to recall one airstrip building the tanks, while a different one would build the bikes, etc. But, I was just working on a map with multiple airstrips (next to each other, thankfully) and it was working differently. I swear mapping for this game is 90% art and 10% science which is sort of weird for a computer program. Unfortunately my life these days consists of a teething one year old and a hurricane of a three year old, otherwise I could actually find time to test this more thoroughly. Good luck and be sure to share any insights you may uncover!
  10. My favorite part of this map was using the civilians as a human shield to run past the obelisks-- with a little luck, the obelisk would zap them instead of me! IIRC, it's been a minute.
  11. Yes, being part 1, it only goes through mission 4, then resumes the regular campaign. I'm almost finished through mission 9 on both sides, so I plan on updating soon and I'm super stoked on the new maps. Honestly, I posted these so I could get input on whether they suck or not. Keep in mind that all of the uploaded missions have alternates, too. Coming soon!
  12. Unfortunately, Cap=Win/Dest=lose won't work properly with multiple buildings. Believe me, I've tried.....
  13. Damn, and I've been making a concerted effort to make my missions less ball-bustingly hard.. lol. I'd say these days both Nariac's and Darkstar's mission are of the highest quality, although they definitely have their own styles. I unfortunately haven't had the time to play the majority of these new missions but I'd say I've found pretty much nothing about what I have played that I could even nit-pick. LKO is the granddaddy of a lot of this stuff and his trigger research has inspired a lot of my ideas, but his missions are pretty tough and some are a little bit broken. The "Huge Collection" is great in that it saves all of this for posterity but I would gripe a little that there are a whole lot of mediocre missions to wade through to find the few really awesome gems. If I were to recommend one of mine that's not too excruciatingly tough it would be "Orca Assault" although the beginning is pretty dicey. Once you get your base up and running though, it's cake. I'm just stoked because for years it was pretty lonely in the "single player missions" section of the forums, but now there is an awesome overabundance of high caliber shit.
  14. hmmm... interesting it doesn't target regular towers first as it definitely seems to prioritize any static defenses-- and most recently built. Guess I never experimented with Ion vs. GDI. Heh, I've noticed that's also the downside of the "smart" airstrike is that at high enough tech levels, you could potentially have 3+ enemy A-10s eviscerating your con-yard if your not into building defensive structures like me.... Well good enough opportunity to bust this old GIF out:
  15. Well, the gunboat isn't reinforced in GDI 1 and when it is in GDI 9, i think, it doesn't attack anything. Even if you select it and target stuff, it WILL NOT attack. I theorize they did that so there's no way around the Obelisk zapping your boat. I believe that's also why, as Nyer has often stated, why an Obelisk will 1 shot kill a gunboat. I've played this a couple of times and had my ass properly handed to me I personally don't like starving the computer out and I'm determined to beat it the old-fashioned way. So far though, it's a really good mission. Almost every team consists of paper, rocks, and scissors!
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