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  1. I've been getting depressed thinking about this since I've been working on my campaign for years now. Especially since I've been mapping a lot again lately, and I only have about 10 maps left to do out of the 49(!)
  2. I’d leave it like it is— right after I posted that last comment, I realized it’d be good for AGTs or obelisks, AA/harvester harassment.
  3. Looks neat! Just curious though, what’s the intended purpose of the silos next to the village?
  4. Neato! People used to bitch about all the civilian buildings on the original anyway ha ha.... just watch your harvs SE player!
  5. Spy planes? Are you speaking of Red Alert or Tiberian Dawn? If you mean TD, my campaign "Tiberian Dawn for Pros" is full of them. Or try anything by Nariac or Darkstar-- iirc they have lots of cool scripting. Have a nice day!
  6. Hey thanks for being interested! The project is on a little bit of a hiatus right now as all I have time for is work and my babies but I pretty much have all the concepts for the remaining missions that need to be completed. If you have a completed mission, feel free to post it here on the forums-- but if you like you can attach it to a comment here or email it to me. Not sure how quickly I'd be able to get to it, but I'd love to see it! Have you seen my videos on mission scripting?
  7. Yeah I miss all of you guys and being a part of this awesome community.... It's funny to come back after all this time and still see TD strategies being debated and Chem still complaining about being repeatedly banned... lol! It's a little sad to see some regulars don't seem to come around anymore though That would be cool! I certainly don't have time these days, unfortunately. anyways, here's another video I have showcasing the beginning of GDI 8... enjoy!
  8. Hi folks, long time no see! Well, this is a long overdue update for my SP mission pack, Tiberian Dawn for Pros. I completed up to mission 9 for Nod and 8EA for GDI. Although the last mission was finished almost 2 years ago, I got sidetracked by work and additional kids (I have 4 now!) I figured with all this remaster stuff going on, I better finish up the briefings that were needed and upload it before the point was TOTALLY moot. Anyway, I'm extremely proud of them and put a ridiculous amount of work into this, so I hope you enjoy them. There's actually tons of hidden stuff in them for those who might take the time. I utilized the "carry over cash" function a lot and exploited some of the game's campaign logic in interesting ways. For example, the GDI mission 6 mission skipping logic (where you needed to blow up the airfield) is now reversed so that mission 7 is actually a secret bonus mission-- and if you successfully complete this, mission 8 starts off in a completely different way by using the carry over cash function in conjunction with a "credits" trigger. blah blah blah... Anyway, making these missions was a ridiculous amount of fun for me and I hope somebody plays them... lol Here's a video I made a while back of some of the new missions I made: and just in case, here's a redundant download link: https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=47089
  9. Here's all the mix's I dropped directly into my XCC folder: Also, I made some tutorial videos for editing maps in c&c1/TD here
  10. To learn to make your own missions, you must: 1)Read Nyer's mission scripting manual 2)Carefully look at the original mission .ini's for examples of how they do it 3)Watch my scripting tutorial videos 4)Trial and error! Oh yean, it's waypoint 25
  11. MattAttack


    Well I'll be damned, that is a tanker truck. I always thought it was some kind of a structure, too. I wasn't expecting to learn anything new about c&c today..... ARCO is a real chain of gas stations here in the US-- well in the West at least, which likely lead many to assume that it was a fueling station.
  12. Yup, that's correct. Time allowing, I'd like to make briefings/cutscenes to replace the originals. I've already had success getting my own videos to play in-game. Lol, I even bought some tank and hummer models to do some stop-motion: https://youtu.be/RsJsnSU3yG8 Yes, everyone else, this video for the millionth time
  13. Yeah, I noticed that too. I wish I had time to test, but my theory is that there is possibly a limited amount of time to produce the units and any team not started during that window just doesn't get built. To test this, I'd recommend either A)having enough units pre-placed on the map for like 10 teams to be autocreated and/or B)try re-arranging the teamtypes in the .ini to see if maybe it prioritizes that way and different teams get built. And is it just me or does autocreate seem to repeat at regular time intervals or does it really seem random?
  14. Sadly, no. I remember investigating this in GDI 15ec* specifically, and IIRC they were basically just using "attack base" for the team's sole command. Therefore, the teams wouldn't meander around the map trying to meet up, they just go for the player base. There are a lot of pre-placed units to alleviate confusion in the beginning, too. If you haven't seen it yet, Nyer has a great resource for looking at the original .ini's here: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cncstuff/mappics/ *this one:
  15. Yeah, I figured everyone here was familiar with that work-around since it was in a lot of the recent SP missions. As I'm sure you've all heard me say though, I'm pretty obsessed with making my campaign just like Westwood made their missions, and I'm crazy about an accurate kill-count, so I refuse to use this method. I don't expect anyone else to be as nuts about it as me, but that's my 2 cents.
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