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  1. I've played your mission. The most difficult part is when you are attacked by millions of grenade-mother****ers. And it could be very annoying. Fortunately another commando is reinforced and it makes it easier a lot. I generally don't like missions where you have to fight against huge groups of enemies with very little forces. But here it is very well balanced and apart from that I love commando missions . Also I think you could add more vehicles for both sides. All in all it is a nice mission :beer:.
  2. 1. Actually the harvester goes to certain place and starts to harvest :roll: probably you don't know it because you only skimmed through the ini file and the mission. 2. All the teams in this mission start to attack player in the way I wanted to so there's no need to change it. But thanks for the tip anyway. 3. Civilians are allied with Nod because I simply didn't want the village to be destroyed by Nod, I just wanted these buildings to stay there. But in the other hand I wanted player to have an opportunity to destroy them, for some reason, so I made them Neutrals. 4. Maybe the briefing is not too good but I won't change it. The main objective is just to destroy the silos. It's up to the player how will he achieve it. 5. I leave loopy triggers for possible future attempt. I plan to create one more mission, with lots of such a things and base building. It would be this time for Nod, personally my favourite side. Thanks for the feedback
  3. Hi there. I am new in this forum. But I love C&C games for a long time. I wish to share the mission I've made. This is my first mission and I am taking my first steps in mission making so please be tolerant. Mission starts in the south-west corner of the map in the deep forest with only a comando. You are ordered to destroy enemy tiberium silos. You will be supported by further reinforcements. I attach a detailed tutorial because some parts may be unclear. Of course reading it may cause losing some pleasure from playing. Name: 'Green Death' Map Size: 'Height=62 Width=62' Side: 'GDI' Installation: copy files into C&C directory and mission will be accessible from the "New missions" menu. I present some screenshots here. Any comments are welcomed scg95ea.rar
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